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Awesome Color set street date, track list for sophomore LP, plus new MP3!

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Awesome Color

Awesome Color

MP3: Awesome Color – “Eyes of Light” –

Awesome Color is a power trio updated for the 2060’s, noise provocateurs and impressionists, ace players with punk rock flair, inspired citizens of a small modernist nation of musical, visual, and literary outrage on the outskirts of Brooklyn, or a rainbow amalgam of all of the above at once.

Since the June 2006 release of their eponymous debut album on Thurston Moore’s Ecstatic Peace! label, Awesome Color have been busy touring relentlessly and spreading their psych-rock-Michigan-pride-free-radical sounds to anyone with ears to listen and hopefully some pancakes to eat, a floor to sleep on and directions to the local skatepark.

In addition to tours with Dinosaur, Jr., Sonic Youth, Radio Birdman, Be Your Own Pet and Tall Firs in 2006 and 2007, Awesome Color have ventured to the UK and Europe multiple times and they are learning how to say “Where is the nearest pizza parlor?” in as many languages as their sweaty brains can remember.

Amidst all their touring, Awesome Color managed to get into the studio (Joshua Kessler’s Bushwick Studios and Doug Rice’s Twist Palace) to make a second record. Their efforts are documented on the 10 tracks of the upcoming full-length album: Electric Aborigines, out April 29th on Ecstatic Peace!

Awesome Color are currently poised for a European tour in May through early June and will play at the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona, Spain (May 30-31) as well as select dates with Dinosaur Jr. with a US tour to follow.

Awesome Color – Electric Aborigines track list:

1.Eyes of Light
2.Already Down
3.Step Up
4.Come and Dance
5.Taste It
6.Outside Tonight
7.Do it Right
9.The Moon
10.Evil Rose

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