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Willoughby preps debut album, plus video for “Frankenstein”

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MP3: “Story”

Willoughby’s debut album I Know What You’re Up To is the product of Gus Seyffert, a Los Angeles based musician who has performed around the world with musicians such as Inara George, The Bird and The Bee, Sia, and Michael
Andrews. All songs on the album were performed and produced by Seyffert, with a few friends stopping by to help along the way. The result is a delicate masterpiece that was a lifelong dream fulfilled for Seyffert, “I had wanted to
make my own record for a number of years but was always working on other projects. Recording the whole thing to tape was really important to me – I really wanted to capture the organic, analog sound of all the great records I love – by people like Harry Nilsson, Sparklehorse, The Zombies and Chet Baker.”

Having trained on bass under the legendary Charlie Haden, Seyffert has established himself as an in-demand sideman for some of the best producers in the world, having worked recently with Jimmy Hogarth (Sia, Leona Naess), Joey Waronker (Priscilla Ahn), Mickey Petralia (Flight of the Conchords), Michael Andrews (Inara George, Walk Hard Soundtrack) and T-Bone Burnett (Across
The Universe OST).

Seyffert has recently written with Priscilla Ahn for her debut album for Blue Note Records and recently sang a duet with Inara George on the latest EP from The Bird & The Bee while Willoughby are featured on the track “Not
Enough” on the new Junkie XL album.

Willoughby also recently produced five tracks on the forthcoming album from recent Rilo Kiley tourmate Benji Hughes, including a track called “The Mummy” which, surprisingly enough is a companion piece to Willoughby’s “Frankenstein.”


Directed by Manny Marquez for Streelight Films
DoP/Edited by Randy Wedick


July 14 – Los Angeles, CA Silverlake Lounge
July 19 – Los Angeles, CA Hotel Cafe

I Know What You’re Up To (Sargent)
Street Date: Sept. 9, 2008

01 Intentions
02 Story
03 Frankenstein
04 Wonder
05 Dust Bunnies
06 I’m Losing You
07 Wish I Was Yours
08 Long Time
09 Uzzell
10 I Know What You’re Up To
11 Sign
12 You Don’t Love
13 OK



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