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Faunts ready digital-only remix album for release next week featuring Cadence Weapon, Copy and more

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MP3: Faunts – “Memories of Places We’ve Never Been (T.H. White Remix)”

Luckily for all of us, icy Canadian spacerockers Faunts have a lot of friends. And when a bunch of those friends came on board to offer their own remixes and interpretations of Faunts’ cinematic and ethereal music, they couldn’t say no. The result of their hard work is Faunts Remixed, a 14-track, 80+ minute long digital-only assembly of hugely creative remixes, spanning the gamut from four-on-the-floor dancefloor bangers to abstract electro-acoustic soundscapes.

Faunts Remixed includes reworked versions of songs from Faunts’ first two records, the going-to-bed-music masterpiece High Expectations / Low Results and the critically beloved M4 EP – the title track of which was featured in the multi-million-selling Xbox360 game “Mass Effect” and is remixed here by the Paronomasiac, otherwise known as Nik from fellow Edmonton band Shout Out Out Out Out. Remixers also include a wide swath of bands from both sides of the US-Canada border, all of whom have offered their own unique take on Faunts’ music: the electro-tinged track from hip-hop prodigy Cadence Weapon, the slinky 80’s synth sounds of San Serac, the dreamy shoegaze remixes of ambient musician Mark Templeton and thundering instrumental rockers Saxon Shore (recording under the name Brightest Feathers), and quite a few more, including a beautiful remix of “Gone With the Day” by the band itself.

Faunts are putting the finishing touches on their next full-length album, Feel.Love.Thinking.Of., scheduled to come out in February 2009, and we can tell you that it’s a doozy. But in the meantime, Faunts Remixed should keep fans of the band more than happy while they wait for the new album. Oh, and did we mention it’s only $5.99?

Press Quotes:

[Faunts are] “driving along the same star-lit road as The Smiths’ “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out,” but these love-sick passengers are lucky enough not to get hit head-on by that double-decker bus” – Fluxblog

“Gorgeous, lush shoe-gazey indie rock…very pleasurable” – Music For Robots

“Despite the self-deprecating title, ‘High Expectations/Low Results‘ is an amazingly ambitious and expansive album, garnering the group comparisons to the likes of Sigur Ros and the Cure. While the record’s sound is completely Edmonton – cold, sparse, yet comforting – it’s hard to believe that the band’s combination of ambient guitar, soft drums and ethereal keys was born here rather than Montreal or Toronto” – Vue Weekly

Faunts Remixed
(Friendly Fire Recordings)
Street Date: Nov. 18, 2008

Track List:
1. “M4 (Part I)” (DVAS Macho Mix)
2. “Memories of Places We’ve Never Been” (T.H. White Remix)
3. “M4 (Part II)” (The Paronomasiac Remix)
4. “Place I’ve Found” (Mark Templeton Remix)
5. “23” (Cadence Weapon Dogcatcher Remix)
6. “Parler de la Pluie et du Beau Temps” (Copy Remix)
7. “Instantly Loved” (San Serac Instantly Dubbed Mix)
8. “Gone With The Day” (Graham Lessard Remix)
9. “Will You Tell Me Then” (Boy in Static Remix)
10. “Instantly Loved” (Set Transition Remix)
11. “Of Nature” (Brightest Feathers Remix)
12. “Memories of Places We’ve Never Been” (Domer Does Disco Remix)
13. “Parler de la Pluie et du Beau Temps” (Beaner’s Sleepy Mix)
14. “Gone With The Day” (Faunts Stars Are Out Remix)



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