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New Deer Tick MP3, album in stores now

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MP3: Deertick – “Long Time”

Partisan Records re-issued Deer Tick’s debut War Elephant on November 11, 2008. The re-issue will be released on both double limited edition vinyl and CD with new album artwork. Partisan Records will also be releasing a full-length album of early original Deer Tick songs at a later date.

Songwriting prodigy John McCauley III wrote and recorded War Elephant at the age of 20, and plays every single instrument on the album. Originally a very limited release, the album received immense praise from top national critics like The New York Times and NPR, but quickly went out of print. The War Elephant re-issue will also represent the first ever vinyl release from Deer Tick.

Praise for Deer Tick:

“Expression is rarely subverted on War Elephant which is not a problem at all with fourteen songs this strong and worth listening to over and over, which I’m doing right now and should be for some time to come.”- Three Imaginary Girls

“The fact that you can never quite pin this sound down is a testament to a certain originality. From the noisy steam-engine sound of “These Old Shoes” to the infectious glee of “Spend The Night,” McCauley and company work hard to wrap their debut in a shroud of nostalgia.”- The Tripwire

“This repackaged release is way better than the original for the simple reason that the cover art (a desert scene: girls in bikinis with automatic weapons, sunglasses, boys with cigarettes) is a visual representation of the music’s advocacy of excess and an outsider stance.”- Brainwashed Brain

“Much like Joanna Newsom, only with more grit, piss and vinegar, McCauley sounds like both the old and the young, simultaneously, which lends his debut full-length release War Elephant the benefit of sounding mature and fresh, simultaneously. “- Treble

“Deer Tick is exactly what the name suggests: a needling, ever present pain in the side of the too perfect majesty of some too beautiful creature, a “testament to how we are so animalistic.””- Coke Machine Glow

War Elephant is no doubt an accomplishment – and to think this is only a debut, the next half-decade is this kid’s to lose. “- 30 Music

“Deer Tick’s War Elephant ended up being one of my favorite addictions of 2007″ – Brooklyn Vegan

“The lone singer with a guitar will always be an icon of American folk music, but modern American folk is a diverse and rich genre that branches into rock, country and blues. Deer Tick understands this…” – NPR

“I got lucky and stumbled onto Deer Tick” – Jon Pareles, The New York Times

“There is plenty about Deer Tick’s debut album, War Elephant, to suggest that frontman John McCauley has seen more than his 21 birthdays.” – Pitchfork

Deer Tick
War Elephant
Street date: Nov. 11, 2008

01. Ashamed
02. Art Isn’t Real (City of Sin)
03. Standing At The Threshold
04. Dirty Dishes
05. Long Time
06. Nevada
07. Baltimore Blues No. 1
08. These Old Shoes
09. Not So Dense
10. Spend The Night
11. Diamond Rings 2007
12. Sink Or Swim
13. Christ Jesus
14. What Kind of Fool Am I?



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