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Talkdemonic Daytrotter session posted

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Portland’s Talkdemonic stopped by the Daytrotter studios during its last tour and recorded four songs, including the previously unreleased, brand new track “CSJ9.” The other songs included are “Shallow Doldrums” and “March Movement” from their 2008 album Eyes at Half Mast, as well as an older song, “Bering” from the album Beat Romantic.

Daytrotter Session


Speakers everywhere this summer rejoiced with the arrival of Eyes at Half Mast, the third record from Talkdemonic, released Sept. 16 via Arena Rock. The Portland, Oregon duo of Kevin O’Connor and Lisa Molinaro have been playing together since 2003; she plays the viola and he plays everything else, including, but not limited to: drums, synths, and acoustic instruments. The result is an intoxicating blend of symphonic strings, explosive percussion, and achingly beautiful music.

Eyes at Half Mast is the band’s high water mark. The album has its moments of cathartic beauty, (especially on “Duality of Deathening” and “March Movement”) and of haunting elegies (as exemplified by “Tides in Their Grave” and “Dust and Heat”). There are passages filled with raw dissonance on the record, such as the
release and tension offered by “Civilian.” There is a sense of loss and memory running through many of these songs, but the tone of the record is ultimately one of hope.

Talkdemonic continue to expand the range of emotion that they are able to evoke without words. The band is emerging in terms of composition, song structure and recording, and the sound crystallizes here. Talkdemonic is hitting a stride in songwriting with tunes like “March Movement” and “Duality of Deathening,” which feature complex arrangements, layers and harmonies. It’s worth noting that O’Connor mixed eleven of the twelve songs from this set.

Talkdemonic is admired for their cathartic and bewitching live sets, with O’Connor’s rhythmic prowess and Molinaro’s ethereal sound co-mingling. They have been playing these songs to swooning audiences for the past two years, and their sound comes together for Eyes at Half Mast.

Eyes At Half Mast
(Arena Rock)
Street date: Sept. 16, 2008

1. Leaving Light
2. Ending the Orange Glow
3. Duality of Deathening
4. Shattered into Dyes
5. Tides in their Grave
6. Civilian
7. Black Wood Crimson
8. March Movement
9. Dim Sky
10. Shallow Doldrums
11. Dust and Heat
12. Huancayo Orchestrelle
13. Dream by Heart
14. A Hundred Faces in the Neon Forest



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