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Ernest Jenning signs international party band Still Flyin’ – debut album due in April, plus tour dates & SXSW

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Still Flyin’

MP3: Still Flyin’ – “The Hott Chord Is Struck”

San Francisco’s STILL FLYIN’ have been spreading the word of the almighty HAMMJAMM since 2004, demolishing minds, souls, and any notion of personal space with equal abandon. Combining the kinetic energy of 60’s era rock steady with the catchy hooks and DIY aesthetic of today’s best indie-pop, STILL FLYIN’ are an event rarely paralleled in music.

In a recent Pitchfork article, Okkervil River’s Will Sheff said that Still Flyin’ was his new favorite band. “The most fun I’ve had at a show in quite a while. It’s just about the least pretentious music you could ever imagine…very fun to watch”, says Sheff.

STILL FLYIN’ now releases its highly anticipated debut album, NEVER GONNA TOUCH THE GROUND. Mixed in Melbourne by Haima Marriott with help from Gus Franklin (Architecture in Helsinki) and Isobel Knowles (ex-AiH). Besides their well-toked reggae/party default setting, we now discover group leader Sean Rawls and his fifteen (or more) like minded musical travellers are equally adept at the penetrating slo-jams (“Following the Itinerary”/”Haunted Houses”) and high energy thunder-jams (“Ghost Town”/”Dead Memory Man”), as well as the insanely catchy world-pop of ‘The Hott Chord is Struck‘.

STILL FLYIN’ make music about the things most important to their lives, like giving serious high-fives, jamming music, jamming brews, jamming pizza, and “following the itinerary.”

Plunging head first into what is quickly becoming a new era of San Franciscan consciousness, STILL FLYIN’ is on the forefront a new musical movement, Where much of today’s music can be caught up in categories and labelling, the band have developed a term used to not only describe their sound, but also as a way to get outside the confines of genre definitions. HAMMJAMM is not to be confused with the “Jam Band Sound”, it is in fact fairly concise songs played with such veracity that they can only be called JAMMS, while the HAMM aspect represents a willingness not to be traditionally categorized.

You’ll find both the HAMM and the JAMM on STILL FLYIN’s debut album, NEVER GONNA TOUCH THE GROUND, out with care April 7 on Ernest Jenning Record Co. The band is currently on tour in Australia and will be hitting the states on multiple tours through 2009.


3/18 – 3/21 Austin, TX SXSW
4/3 Brooklyn, NY Union Hall
4/4 Boston, MA PA’s Lounge
4/5 New York, NY Cake Shop
4/6 Philadelphia, PA Johnny Brenda’s

Still Flyin’
Never Gonna Touch the Ground
(Ernest Jenning Record Co.)
Street date: April 07, 2009

1) Never Gonna Touch the Ground
2) Following the Itinerary
3) Forever Dudes
4) Good Thing It’s a Ghost Town Around Here
5) Act of Jamming
6) The Hott Chord Is Struck
7) No Go-Kart Ideas
8) Haunted Houses
9) Dead Memory Man
10) Ginko Biloba
11) Aerosmith Take Me to the Other Side

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