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Nite Jewel announces tour dates with Telepathe

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Nite Jewel

MP3: Nite Jewel – “Weak For Me”

California native Ramona Gonzalez first began her transcendent minimalist dance-pop escapades in the privacy of her own home in Los Angeles after performing with bands in both the Bay Area and the L.A. area.

With the aid of her multitrack cassette recorder and whatever keyboards, drum machines, and other instruments that were available to her, she very quickly developed her own unique sound and began performing live in the L.A. area under the moniker Nite Jewel.

Later teaming up with multimedia artist Emily Jane, the Nite Jewel project became a two-woman band, touring alongside the likes of Deerhunter and Glass Candy. The Nite Jewel sound has been likened to that of a warped, lo-fi version of Late-80’s Freestyle Electro sensation Debbie Deb and has also found appeal among not just the ‘indie rock’ & ‘experimental’ crowd but also among avid listeners of hip hop, funk, disco, & soul.

While very fond of these aforementioned genres and artists, Nite Jewel gathers much of her inspiration from the likes of Los Angeles Free Music Society’s avant garde experimentalist Tom Recchion, obscure UK hari krishna new age electro-acoustic duo Woo, and the sublime ambient electronic music of groups like Germany’s Cluster and Italy’s Sensations Fix. Nite Jewel never hesitates, however, to cite 90’s R&B pop groups such as TLC & SWV as influences who left an indelible mark on her music sensibilities as a teenager.


My CD EP Self-Released CD-R June 2008
What Did He Say 12″ Italians Do It Better November 2008
Good Evening LP Gloriette December 2008
Good Evening CD Human Ear Music March 2009


May 28 2009 The Smell Los Angeles, California
Jun 04 2009 Oasis Oakland, California
Jun 05 2009 Aunty Mo’s Eureka, California
Jun 07 2009 Northern Olympia, Washington
Jun 09 2009 Biltmore Cabaret Vancouver, British Columbia *
Jun 10 2009 Chop Suey Seattle, Washington *
Jun 11 2009 Holocene Portland, Oregon *
Jun 12 2009 Bottom of the Hill San Francisco, California *
Jun 13 2009 The Smell Los Angeles, California *#
Jun 16 2009 Detroit Bar Costa Mesa, California *
Jun 17 2009 Modified Arts Phoenix, Arizona *

* = w/ Telepathe
# = w/ Abe Vigoda

Nite Jewel
Good Evening
(Human Ear)
Street date: March 17, 2009

1. Bottom Rung
2. Suburbia
3. What Did He Say
4. Weak For Me
5. Heart Won’t Start
6. Universal Mind
7. Artificial Intelligence
8. Let’s Go (The Two of Us Together)
9. Chimera
10. Lover

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