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Introducing….. Lullatone The coolest lullaby music ever recorded!

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MP3: Lullatone – “A Mobile Over Your Bed”

Make Your Own Lullatone: The Lullatone Melody Maker

We Will Rock You… To Sleep is an introduction to Lullatone, featuring tracks from several previous albums, but also serves as a single for “A Mobile OVer Your Bed” which will be featured on their forthcoming album entitled Songs That Spin in Circles. Although it is forty minutes in length it is priced as a “rock bottom,” single price, and closes with an “Extended Lullaby Remix” as an exclusive B-side.

Lullatone is Shawn James Seymour and Yoshimi Seymour from Nagoya, Japan who have been releasing conceptual pop albums since 2002, displaying artwork, touring the world, and even hosting a Japanese children’s TV program. Lullatone began out of necessity when Shawn Seymour was schooling in Japan and could only travel with his portable Casio SK-1 keyboard, sampling sine tones, he crafted quiet pop tunes in the apartment to not wake Yoshimi; now his now wife and vocalist for the band, as she was sleeping.

Songs That Spin in Circles is their sixth album and will be released via Audio Dregs and furthers the concept of sleep-worthy pop hits as a “music for babies” concept album. Demos for the tracks were begun by Shawn while he was waiting in the hospital for the newest “band member”, Niko, to be born. Niko soon went to work testing the advantages of the new songs in helping take him into dreamland. The album features a high level of sound science to ensure ultimate effectiveness in snooze inducing. Underwater recordings, heartbeats as drumbeats, and tape hiss as ambient white noise are just the beginning of the shuteye science the duo employed to create their most careful concept album to date. Imagine Calder making sound pieces instead of mobile sculptures or a Raymond Scott’s Soothing Sounds for Babies, that babies actually enjoyed. Perhaps if Brian Eno had made a Music for Airports For Babies it would sound like this. Or Sigur Ros on Nyquil? Beck has said that he played Lullatone songs in the past to his infant son and Momus has dubbed them “the cutest formalists in town.”

We Will Rock You.. to Sleep
(Audio Dregs)

1. A Mobile Over Your Bed
2. Bedroom Bossa Band
3. Good Morning Melody
4. Wake Up Wake Up
5. Leaves Falling
6. Make This Sound
7. Marching To Sleep
8. Kitty Koda (Extended Lullaby Remix)



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