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Download a sampler from Lefse Records for FREE featuring Neon Indian, Phaseone, Julian Lynch, Sunnybrook, Tape Deck Mountain and more!

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DOWNLOAD: Lefse Records Compilation

We’re pleased to share with you the Lefse Records FREE Fall/Winter 2009 digital compilation! Most of the artists below will be releasing albums, split 7 inches, singles, and whatnots with the label in the near future. Lefse Records is run out of a tree house in Northern California, their first release is Neon Indian’s debut album, Psychic Chasms, out October 13th followed by many great artists from around this crazy planet.


1. My Summer As A Salvation Soldier ‘activismV2’
2. A Grave With No Name ‘Open Water’
3. The Silent League ‘Here’s a Star’ (Neon Indian remix)
4. Emily Neveu ‘Swallowing a Swallow’
5. Friend ‘What Is It’
6. Calico Horse ‘Ivory’
7. The Traditionist ‘Three Legged Dog’
8. Giant Ears ‘Fake Hotel’
9. Julian Lynch ‘Two Babes in the Woods’
10. Julian Lynch ‘Onward Flour’
11. Boddicker ‘Your Smart’
12. My Summer As A Salvation Soldier ‘Monuments’
13. Tape Deck Mountain ‘In the Dirt’
14. Neon Indian ‘Should Have Taken Acid With You’
15. Cuckoo Chaos ‘Slowly Counting Down to Nothing’
16. Phaseone ‘Marty & Sonietta’
17. Phaseone ‘(Only) Reprise’
18. Sunnybrook ‘Willow Whale’

More Info. on these tracks:

1. My Summer As A Salvation Soldier ‘activismV2’ Porir Georg Jonsson is a 22 year old from Iceland where he grew up in a tiny sea village in the northern part of the country, and now resides in Reykjavik. 12 Tonar Records puts out his music in Iceland. Amazing stuff. Record is out November 17th.

2. A Grave With No Name ‘Open Water’
I discovered the noisy lo-fi entity that is AGWNN on a No Pain In Pop compilation awhile back, who is also putting out Mountain Debris in November. The record will be available in the U.S. in September. Head over to his Myspace page to watch a visually amazing video for ‘Stone Setting’

3. The Silent League ‘Here’s a Star’ (Neon Indian remix) Our boy Alan aka Neon Indian remixed this track for Brooklyn’s The Silent League whose record comes out Sept 22nd.

4. Emily Neveu ‘Swallowing a Swallow’ Emily is a multi-talented artist from the Bay Area. This little bedroom demo is a mere glimpse into what is to come. Lefse is excited to be releasing her solo debut in 2010. Emily is also the lead singer/guitarist/pianist/cool dresser from the band Calico Horse.

5. Friend ‘What Is It’ Jesse Kanda aka Friend, sent us this track a while back and we are hoping to release a 7 inch by him soon. You should also check out Jesse’s other project Fantasy Bags.

6. Calico Horse ‘Ivory’ This psychedelic infused gem is a demo from Calico Hose. One part Emily Neveu, one part Petti from Giant Ears. They are currently working on their follow up to 2008’s Mirror. Head over to their MySpace and check out their cover of ‘Idioteque.’

7. The Traditionist ‘Three Legged Dog’ You will only hear this bedroom demo on this comp. The Traditionist has a record coming out in early 2010 produced by Scott Solter and featuring Jon Wurster (Superchunk, The Mountain Goats) on drums, and Petti from Giant Ears.

8. Giant Ears ‘Fake Hotel’ Petti from Calico Horse created some demos at home for us. His full length is due out in early 2010 and is going to be intense.

9. Julian Lynch ‘Two Babes in the Woods’ Soon Lefse will be releasing a Julian Lynch / Sad City split. This track won’t be on the split, but is quite lovely. This track was written by Julian Lynch & Olga Acevedo, and performed by JL, and Martin Courtney of Real Estate.

10. Julian Lynch & what would become the band Real Estate ‘Onward Flour’ This instrumental is cool.

11. Boddicker ‘Your Smart’ This demo was turned in by a 16 year old from Mississippi. He has gone onto record with producer Brian Deck. Lefse is going to be releasing his unsolicited demo.

12. My Summer as a Salvation Soldier ‘Monuments’ more from our favorite Icelander.

13. Tape Deck Mountain ‘In the Dirt’ San Diego has been pumping out some great artists lately. We found one too! Their debut record comes out Nov 17th.

14. Neon Indian ‘Should Have Taken Acid With You’ Our favorite track from Neon Indian’s debut LP available October 23rd. Check Neon Indian out at this year’s Monolith festival.

15. Cuckoo Chaos ‘Slowly Counting Down To Nothing’ Just listen. Headphones. It’s nice.

16. Phaseone ‘Marty & Sonietta’ St Louis producer Phaseone is probably best know for his Panda Bear Remix last year, but he can also make some darn fine original music as well.

17. Phaseone ‘(Only) Reprise’ Another track from Phaseone’s excellent Thanks But No Thanks, which you can download for free at our site.

18. Sunnybrook ‘Willow Whale’ We started digging Denton’s Sunnybrook after a tornado of blogs posts, and we just might be releasing their debut full length. You should also check related project Sleep Whale from Western Vinyl.


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