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A Grave With No Name preps debut LP for Lefse Records

By September 17, 2009No Comments

A Grave With No Name

MP3: A Grave With No Name – “Open Water”

Lefse Records is pleased to announce the addition of London’s A Grave With No Name to its roster, the band’s debut full-length, Mountain Debris, will see a US release on Nov. 17. AGWNN has previously recorded for the UK labels No Pain in Pop (also home to kindred spirits Banjo or Freakout, and Trailer Trash Tracys).

Most of what London’s A Grave With No Name do enters the world through ‘The Church’, the bedroom studio of main man Alex Shields. Bassist Tom King and guitarist Anupa Madawela are called in when the time comes to add a more sturdy grunge backbone to whoozy dream-pop that recalls the stoned slackerisms of Animal Collective and Daniel Johnston, voices entwining with processed beats, white noise and lost melodies.

A Grave With No Name
Mountain Debris
Street date: Nov. 17, 2009

1. The Sun Rises
2. And We Parted Ways at Mt. Jade
3. Sofia
4. Open Water
5. Pacific
6. Ghosts & Stones
7. Lavender
8. Silver
9. Zachary
10. The Passing of a Day (Interlude)
11. Stone Setting
12. Horses
13. Fire Island
14. Chimes
15. The Underpass
16. The River Path to Mt. Jade



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