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Fredrik premieres music video for “Vinterbarn,” album pushed back to January

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VIDEO: “Vinterbarn”

MP3: “Locked In The Basement”


Fredrik started out in late 2006 as the songwriter/sound artist duo of Fredrik and Lindefelt. The idea was to attempt narrative structures in music through the combination of electroacoustic composition and folk-infused musical form. Before the release of their critically acclaimed debut, Na Na Ni, the lineup was expanded to a 6-piece.

On stage the sextet could be seen playing banjo, clarinet, cello, wind up music boxes and hand made instruments along side bass, guitars and drums. The band ventured stateside for a buzz worthy 3-week winter tour, starting with a live national television appearance on election night, from the Embassy of Sweden, to a string of packed shows along the northeast.

The following 6 months saw Fredrik back in Malmö recording new material in the form of an EP-trilogy. Each one was surreptitiously self-released on highly limited 3″ CDs in hand made origami packaging. Having finished a short film collaboration with Dutch film maker Iris Piers and several music videos, Fredrik and Kora present the release of the EP’s as a proper full length entitled Trilogi.

This second outing is more consistently inward-looking and takes on themes like social realities and subconscious geography. The melodies are more serpentine and the textures decidedly darker. However, Fredrik’s warm, sensitive lead voice and operatic choir work still lends the material the same comforting elegance as on the debut. The three EP’s bear the titles “Holm“, “Ava” and “Ner“, all fictional names roughly signifying “Frozen Forest Island”, “Water Through Sound” and “The Inside Underground”. Together they represent a trilogy of contemporized viewpoints of the Lovecraftian dream passage – orientation at great cost and understanding at the risk of sanity.

(The Kora Records)
Street date: Jan. 26, 2010

01 vinterbarn
02 milo
03 holm
04 den sista fabriken
05 vanmyren
06 ava
07 flax
08 under vattenverket
09 ner
10 tretusen violer
11 viskra
12 locked in the basement
13 omberg


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