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Georgia’s Sunglasses preps EP for Lefse, announces NYC shows

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MP3: “Stand Fast”

VIDEO: “Whiplash”

“WHIPLASH” by Sunglasses from 8000 bam bam on Vimeo.

8000 bam bam (Samuel Cooper) & Baby Seal (Brady Keehn), the two members of Sunglasses met at Savannah College of Art and Design. Samuel majoring in Film and Television, Brady majoring in Sound Design. Samuel Cooper originally growing up in North Georgia, and Brady Keehn from Washington D.C, the two came to Savannah in search of finding creative friends who shared the same interest and goals. They first started working together on Samuel’s Senior thesis film, MILES. The film, written and directed Cooper, was an 8 1/2 inspired black and white musical short film in which Keehn supervised the sound design. After the project was completed they were surprised that the work flow was so consistent and enjoyable that the two immediately began the next project, Sunglasses. With this band, the two wanted to combine Samuel’s love for pop songs with Brady’s obsession with bass and multi-layered beats. Recently completing their debut EP, Sunglasses plans on touring the East Coast slowly making their way to New York City, eventually moving to Maryland to record their debut full length at Brady’s Lake House.

Some of Sunglasses heroes include: Harry Nilsson, Outkast, Luis Bunuel, Big Star, Walter Murch, Chaka Khan, Phil Spector, Pink Floyd, Frank Sinatra, Dr. Dre, Talking Heads, Les Baxter, Brian Wilson, World Famous Supreme Team, XTC, A Tribe Called Quest, Sir George Martin, Woody Allen, Quincy Jones and Fish Humans in the Pool.


6.02.10 – Glasslands, Brooklyn, NY *
6.03.10 – Home Sweet Home, New York, NY (Sunglasses DJ set w/ Baby Jazz & Aux Arc)
6.11.10 – Pianos, New York, NY

* = w/ TOBACCO

Sunglasses EP
Street Date: June 15, 2010

1. Whiplash
2. >
3. Referee
4. >>
5. Stand Fast


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