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The Soft Moon preps debut album for Captured Tracks

By October 29, 2010No Comments

The Soft Moon

MP3: “Tiny Spiders”

On the heels of two sensually dark 7 inches, Luis Vasquez of The Soft Moon, prepares his self-titled debut full-length on Captured Tracks, set for release on November 16th.

Raised under the burning sun of the Mojave desert, Vasquez channels both his punk upbringing and Afro-Cuban heritage to sculpt decidedly dystopian soundscapes for a new generation of torn romantics. It’s a record set somewhere in the near post-apocalypse where technology enchants as much as it destroys. The sound palette in particular harks backs to the sonic experimentation of krautrock and early post-punk. But an urgent sense of futurism pulls Soft Moon out of nostalgia and towards some uncanny sort of new florescent void on the horizon. Globular synth melodies dance over a guzzling motorik beat reminiscent of Neu! Bass guitar riffs fissure and crack. Chants, whispers, and echoed screams wave in and over the empty space, equal part mourning of loss and prophetic of life yet to come. Recommended for paranoid train rides in a post-apocalyptic world.

The Soft Moon
The Soft Moon
(Captured Tracks)
Street date: Nov. 16, 2010

1. Breathe the Fire
2. Circles
3. Out of Time
4. When It’s Over
5. Dead Love
6. Parallels
7. We Are We
8. Sewer Sickness
9. Into the Depths
10. Primal Eyes
11. Tiny Spiders


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