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Beans premieres new MP3 featuring Tunde Adebimpe w/ production by In Flagranti

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Guests on new album, End It All also include Four Tet, TOBACCO, Nobody, Clark, Son Lux, members of Interpol & Tortoise


Cover art for Beans’ End It All

MP3: “Deathsweater” (Produced by DJ Nobody)

MP3: “Mellow You Out” ft. Tunde Adebimpe

This collaboration track from Beans, featuring guest vocals by Tunde Adebimpe of TV On The Radio, and production by In Flagranti, is just a taste of the new Beans LP, End It All, on which Beans collaborated with different guest producers on every single track. You can watch Beans in conversation with Vernon Reid of Living Color about the new record here and his recent chat with the Village Voice here.

When it came time to craft his fourth album, Brooklyn-based rap rebel Beans needed to get out of his head. His old group, the legendary left-fielders Anti-Pop Consortium, had reunited and he’d been devoting his energy to their long-awaited fifth LP, Fluorescent Black. His last solo record, Thorns, was bittersweet-one of his greatest works to date, but an exercise in raw, exhausting emotion. For a minute, he even considered calling it quits.

Thankfully, Beans went a different route. He titled his new record End It All-a make it or break it promise-and looked outside his window for inspiration. What he saw is now the meat of his Anticon Records debut: lush, darkly tinted soundscapes from some of the most inspired names in contemporary production-Four Tet, Clark, TOBACCO, Bumps, Son Lux, Interpol’s Sam Fog-united by the inimitable flow and reborn swagger of Beans.

End It All is the first Beans album to feature all guest production, and it finds the emcee pushing his distinct staccato rhyme style to new heights across a varied but fluid buildup of beats. The biggest challenge, and perhaps the best results, comes from “Blue Movie,” a Son Lux original that trades in lush orchestral bursts and fuzzy drum pileups. The maximal style is a good look for Beans, who rides the unmistakable wobbly bass and live clatter of Sam Fog’s “Electric Bitch” with effortless aplomb.

Lyrically speaking, Beans is at his fiercest, spitting highly stylized braggadocio (see the Nobody-produced “Deathsweater” or Clark’s “Hunter”) and noirish narratives in turn. A ravenous consumer of mystery novels, his favorite pastime comes to life in the character study found on Four Tet’s rapid-fire banger, “Anvil Falling,” and in the black imagery that fittingly accompanies TOBACCO’s “Glass Coffins.” Meanwhile, Beans is at his polyrhythmic best delivering a single track-length verse over “Electric Eliminator,” produced by Bumps (Tortoise’s drum section).

Aggressive until the end, End It All burns through 13 tracks in 33 minutes, with Beans barely stopping to breathe. There is one exception though, the appropriately titled “Mellow You Out.” Here, Beans slows his roll as his own words move in and out of the eerie vocals of TV on the Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe. The late-album track is an obvious highlight, but more importantly, proof that Beans is as versatile as he is a true original-making him more dangerous than ever.


1/15/11 The Getdown / Happy Ending, New York, NY (Event hosted by Beans)
1/26/11 The Barn, Los Angeles, CA
2/16/11 Santo’s, New York, NY
2/18/11 Subterranean, Chicago, IL
2/22/11 Doug Fir, Portland, OR
2/23/11 Chop Suey, Seattle, WA
3/11/11 35 Conferette Festival, Denton, TX
3/16 – 3/19 SXSW, Austin, TX

End It All
Street Date: Feb. 15, 2011

Track List:

1. Superstar Destroyer (Produced by Ade Firth)
2. Deathsweater (Produced by DJ Nobody)
3. Glue Traps (Produced by Four Tet)
4. Electric Eliminator (Produced by Bumps/members of Tortoise)
5. Electric Bitch (Produced by Sam Fog of Interpol)
6. Glass Coffins (Produced by TOBACCO)
7. Blue Movie (Produced by Son Lux)
8. Mellow You Out ft. Tunde Adebimpe (Produced by In Flagranti)
9. Air Is Free (Produced by In Flagranti)
10. Forever Living Fresh (Produced by That Kid Prolific)
11. Anvil Falling (Produced by Four Tet)
12. Hardliner (Produced by Fred Bigot)
13. Hunter (Produced by Clark)


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