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Brave Irene, the new project of Rose Melberg (Tiger Trap, Go Sailor, The Softies) preps debut EP for Slumberland

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Cover Art for Brave Irene’s S/T EP

MP3: “No Fun” –

Rose Melberg’s musical journey began in 1992 with the formation of Tiger Trap in her native Sacramento. Trading in immaculate crash-pop that was as influenced by English C86/indie-pop as it was by the US underground, Tiger Trap released a string of great records on the estimable K label which became foundation documents of US indie-pop. Tiger Trap are an oft-cited influence on young indie bands, and Rose’s writing, singing and playing contributions to the band have cemented her status as one of the leading lights of the post-riot grrl indie scene.
After the dissolution of Tiger Trap, Rose formed The Softies with her pal Jen Sbragia. In stark contrast to the fuzz ‘n’ frenzy of Tiger Trap’s punk-pop attack, The Softies were a far quieter affair, just two ladies with angelic voices, softly strummed guitars and earnest, effecting tunes. Across two albums, and EP and a handful of singles on Slumberland and K The Softies built a unique, enduring body of work. In between Rose also played in Go Sailor with Henry’s Dress/The Aislers Set’s Amy Linton, releasing three singles on Slumberland, Yo Yo and Lookout. Always writing and itching to play her songs for people, Rose has also released two albums with the band Gaze and three superb solo albums.
Now we’re very pleased to bring you Rose’s latest project, a Vancouver-based band named Brave Irene. Formed in December 2009 around the core of Rose and Caitlin, Brave Irene are five best mates whose friendship and camaraderie shines through the warmth of these lovely recordings. Caitlin and Jessica’s keyboards play a prominent role in Brave Irene’s songs, adding a slightly psychedelic vibe that slots in well with early Flying Nun bands and even some of the LA Paisley Underground scene. EP opener “No Fun” is an excellent example, a fuzzy gem that recalls NZ legends Look Blue Go Purple in it’s organ-driven folk/pop groove. The rhythms are really key here, Laura’s muscular drumming giving the songs a real oomph and momentum that perfectly complements their catchy-as-heck tunes. And what tunes they are. “Tangled Line” is an uptempo rocker that sports a stick-in-your-head melody and droning organ lines. The ballad “Bank Holiday” will have you swooning in your seat in no time, while “Longest Day” continues where “No Fun” leaves off, the harmony vocals pushing the song forward through. The EP wraps up with “Good Ideas” and “Campfire,” two more uptempo tunes full of great melodies, jangling guitars and those bubbling organs. Over the course of these eight excellent songs, Brave Irene cover a lot of territory and mark themselves as a great new band to watch, and we think you will definitely look forward to hearing more from them later in 2011.

Brave Irene are:
Rose Melberg – guitar and vocals
Caitlin Gilroy – keyboard, guitar, tambourine, vocals
Jessica Wilkin – keyboard
Amanda Pezzutto – bass, vocals
Laura Hatfield – drums

Brave Irene
Brave Irene EP
Street date: Mar. 15, 2011

1. No Fun
2. River To The Sea
3. Tangled Line
4. Bank Holiday
5. Longest Day
6. Hit The Grass Running
7. Good Ideas
8. Campfire


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