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Tim Cohen of The Fresh & Onlys preps new solo EP and album for Captured Tracks

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Tim Cohen

MP3: “Don’t Give Up” –

Tim Cohen’s third solo release, Magic Trick, finds him still fighting off the demons of a restless musical mind. In the 12 songs collected here, Tim traverses a wide range of conflicting moods while somehow always reenforcing his songs with messages of hope and positivity. “Don’t Give Up”, “I Am Never Going to Die”, and “Flower” are perfect examples of the upbeat melancholy that has defined his solo work to this point. Joined by fellow soul searchers James Kim (Kelley Stoltz band), Noelle Cahill, and Alicia Vanden Huevel (Aislers Set), along with other supportive friends, Cohen has taken long musical strides on this third LP, in terms of arrangement, recording, and overall risk-taking. Recorded at home on the reliable Tascam 388 during breaks from a busy touring schedule with The Fresh & Onlys, Magic Trick captures almost every moment of solitude, longing, and wonderment that passed through Tim’s foggy mind throughout his transient 2010. Accompanied by a double 7″ which includes songs from the same fruitful period, Magic Trick is a record for all seasons, and should be listened to in the earliest morning.

To coincide with the release of Magic Trick Captured Tracks is also releasing a double 7″, Bad Blood, with poster sleeve that plays at 33 1/3. All eight tracks are exclusive to this release and continue in the homegrown, earthy pop that we’ve all come to know and love from The Fresh & Onlys frontman.

Tim Cohen
Bad Blood EP
(Captured Tracks)
Street date: Feb. 22, 2011

1. Delicate Creatures
2. Fight For the One That You Love
3. Pyramid Scheme
4. Bad Blood
5. Rock Bottom
6. Purpose in Life
7. I and I Will Be
8. Doctor, Doctor

Tim Cohen
Magic Trick
(Captured Tracks)
Street date: Feb. 22, 2011

1. I Am Never Going to Die
2. New House in Heaven
3. The Flower
4. Don’t Give Up
5. Legerdemain
6. Sweetheart
7. Season of Fires
8. Hey Little One
9. The Spirit’s Inside
10. Top on Tight
11. Tunnel of Love
12. I Looked Up


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