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aTelecine makes early material available digitally for the first time, preps new LP for Pendu

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aTelecine – Carry – from A Cassette Tape Culture (Phase Three) [Pendu Sound Recordings] by +|> P3NdV <|+

aTelecine – Water (Tape Mix) – from A Cassette Tape Culture (Phase Two) [Pendu Sound Recordings] by +|> P3NdV <|+

aTelecine is:
Founding Members: Sasha Grey + Pablo St. Francis
Additional Members: Anthony Djuan + Ian C

Many know Sasha Grey for her starring role in Steven Soderbergh’s Girlfriend Experience or as Vince Chase’s girlfriend on Entourage or as the starlet on the cover of the October 2010 issue of Playboy Magazine. Although Sasha has now released two limited edition full-length LPs and a 7″ with her band aTelecine and has also worked with Current 93 lending her vocals to “Aleph at Hallucinatory Mountain”, she is only beginning to be known for her music, and yet Sasha has always made music. Sasha was inspired to play music by groups such as Throbbing Gristle and KMFDM and has been recording music since she was 15 years old.

So what does aTelecine sound like? aTelecine take an experimental approach to making music in the form of sound collages which bring to mind artists such as Nurse With Wound and Coil branching out into a world of dark ambient and death-dub. Their music is ever evolving and mutating and it’s only with each new album that they release that we are able to glimpse where they are heading.

These releases mark the first time any of the group’s music has been made available digitally – in addition the band is preparing to release a new LP, The Falcon and the Pod in July. It is the first of a trilogy of albums which will be released over the next year or so on Pendu.

A Cassette Tape Culture (Phase Three)
Available digitally May 3, 2011

01. Ok…So
02. Yaniuarj (‘o4 Demo)
03. Carry
04. Friday Night In A Small Town
05. Ice Removal And Meditation
06. Trouble (‘o4 Demo)
07. Only At Night (Lament Demo)
08. Blue Too (Lost Draft)
09. Chroeg Xen
10. Kitchen Light
11. Semitree (On Six Mix)
12. Sky Then Trees Then Birds Then Nothing (Stand Mix)
13. Stepfather, Meth Heads (RX Demo )
14. Tenplus (Early Stardream Demo)
15. The Thieves
16. The Weak Hands (‘o6 demo)

A Cassette Tape Culture (Phase Two)
Available digitally May 3, 2011

01. Water (Tape Mix)
02. The Smuggler (Draft One)
03. The Pleasure Dome (Tape Mix)
04. The Crucher (Oct 88 Mix)
05. Red Sun (Tape Mix)
06. It Just Is (Clavis Mix)
07. I Came I Sat I Stayed Put (Tape Mix)
08. From End To End (Early 256 Demo )
09. ENT. (BC Ver)
10. Blue (Lost Demo)
11. Stardream (Shitpump Mix)
12. Wind Pipe Machine (Org)
13. Giant (Early Demo)
14. Stockton_Modesto_Skate Park_Meth Head_23 Bucks Left (A Linter Mix)

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Pendu Sound Recordings is an imprint of PENDU NYC, a group known for throwing dance parties and art shows promoting “ecstatic culture” throughout NYC and beyond.” –