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New Woodsist label imprint Hello Sunshine preps new LPs from Herbcraft and Ryan Garbes

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MP3: Ryan Garbes – “Boys Are Back”

Herbcraft, “Fleet Guru” by The FADER

Sweet Hassle is the debut LP from Ryan Garbes (Wet Hair, Raccoo-oo-oon), fresh from his 7-inch on Arbor and his cassette on NNA.

A man in a small college town hours away from the influences that foul a musician’s mind, Garbes has a lot of time to hang, especially in the recording studio. On Sweet Hassle, he incorporates heavy Velvets live bootleg vibes straight from the bedroom soundboard, with a touch of melodic electronic drone and a Byrds dusting.

“… as if Lou Reed had done a record for Creation…” -Raven Sings the Blues

“Garbes conjures boggling galactic plinking and trippy interlocking organ tones that make the sound of some sort of benevolent universal energy at work. When the vocals emerge, it becomes an alien hymn, used for space travel through the astral plane, of course.” -Foxy Digitalis

“… garage rock that confuses the Velvets “Ocean” and The Doors “When the Music’s Over” with early Sonic Boom and second-album Suicide.” -David Keenan (Volcanic Tongue)

Ryan Garbes
Sweet Hassle
(Hello Sunshine)
Street Date: May 17, 2011
Formats: LP (limited to 500) / Digital Only

1. relay
2. boys are back
3. whatever you want
4. thirst
5. rain song
6. why
7. slowing down/the walk
8. perfume
9. dream
10. easily influenced
11. 5d


“One of the most gifted abstract sonic pilots from the vacationland stable, Portland, Maine artist Matt Lajoie, AKA Herbcraft, still enjoys a larger than sasquatch reputation for his free folk personality and unpredictable takes on spectrasound techniques. although he and his merry band are perhaps one of the most charismatic tribes of the new england underground *** dig, you GOTTA see him/them live *** They blossom from psychedelic occurrences that often lead to bursts of pacifist oblivion which can only be redeemed inside their studio output. The momentum Lajoie deploys in his polar expressions indicates a supply of time manipulated balance. An accretion of bucket brigades warping wildly at first breath, generally considered a condition of primitivism (long may we carve!), this is searchlight abandonment with purely spirited jams more akin to the tapers pit than slam continuance. In fact, the only thing slammed here (other than the muted poetry echoing like buoys in Golowin’s harbor) are the “in the red” meters on fire signs from fire music providing ease with earth, wind and air. Long may we inhale.

This is a heady atmosphere, an atmosphere for heads, and it not only delivers the contempo dreamlike aspect at the apex of its form, but transcends it to those revolving with them. take this fucker for a spin.” – matt valentine / snowy vermont 2011

“[V]ertiginous psych-folk freakouts [that] are exactly the kind of thing one might hope to stumble upon while wandering the forest alone.” – Altered Zones

“Just go ahead and hit play so you can slip into an ambient bliss that you may never want to leave.” – Get Off The Coast.

“[P]erfectly meandering slow guitar explorations into the depths of folk music, informed by his peers’ efforts from the 70s till this day.” – nofearofpop.

Ashram To The Stars
(Hello Sunshine)
Street Date: June 14, 2011
Formats: LP (Limited to 500) / Digital Only

1. Fleet Guru
2. Altar 2: Across the Abyss
3. Freak Flag
4. Altar 3: Birth’d
5. Get Esoteric
6. Mass
7. Jupiter Trine Sun


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