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Introducing: Naytronix

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Naytronix is the solo project of Nate Brenner of tUnE-yArDs & Beep


Naytronix is the new project from tUnE-yArDs bassist turned solo-artist Nate Brenner. He will release his debut LP Dirty Glow October 9th on Plug Research. The band premiered the new single ‘Robotic’ today on Filter Magazine. The track is also now available as a digital single over at iTunes.


Naytronix is an evil dance band cloned from the stem cells of Oakland, CA based multi­-instrumentalist/producer Nate Brenner (also a member of tUnE-yArDs & Beep!). Deeply rooted in the traditions of the future, Naytronix merges fashionable grooves with found sounds and homemade instruments to unsettling yet familiar effect, as humans play side-­-by-­-side with robots, intertwining in a nefarious tango until it’s unclear where veins end and circuitry begins.

Though the influence of Brenner’s California home is apparent in his relaxed, sun-­- blasted sounds, he is also a native of the synthetic desert cities of William Onyeabor, the vanguard estates of Charles Mingus, and the family manor of Sly Stone. As the bassist for genre-­-bending institutions tUnE-­-yArDs and Beep!, he is no stranger to the explosive confluence of varied musical families. He says, “I want to use the full spectrum of available sound timbres including electric, synthetic and acoustic…I like to use non-­-musical sounds as well.” With a horn section and other talent pulled from his Bay Area community, Brenner conducts this mash-­-up with the exactitude of a subtle supervillain. Let the evil dance party begin with the release of Dirty Glow on October 9 on Plug Research Music.

Nate describes the process of creating Dirty Glow: “The album took a full year to complete, but during that year I also released a beep! record, and recorded and toured the tUnE-­-yArDs WHOKILL album. I had plenty of time to think about the concepts of what I wanted to do, but not very much time at home where I could do the actual recording…that forced me to be decisive with my choices.” The spontaneity of those choices is tangible in Dirty Glow: not over-­-wrought, just aiming straight for the robot pelvis.

Brenner recorded 20 songs, but narrowed it down to 11 songs for Dirty Glow. He describes his vision for the record: “I was hoping to make an album that was more accessible than my previous music, something people could listen to while driving or hanging out with friends, but still interesting enough to appeal to other musicians.” The first single, the mercilessly danceable “Robotic,” comes shortly after “Elevator to Tomorrow,” more a musique concréte-­-Gainsbourg collage than a Michael Jackson hit. The groovy “Hangin’ Out” dissipates into a swarm of noise; “In The Summer” recalls Snoop with his radio turned to that weird college station that plays nameless experimental jams from 2 to 6 a.m.

He says, “I envisioned the album to be a summertime record. Over the last three years I’ve spent a lot of time in a van, being on tour with tUnE-­-yArDs so I think I just wanted to make a record that would sound good from beginning to end while cruising down a highway and hold the listener’s interest the whole time.”

Rumor has it Nate Brenner himself is half robot. The parties of the 23rd century never end, so may he continue on, tirelessly. In the sinister post-­-apocalyptic dance colonies that will soon sprout up around the world, an undeniably timeless funk is woven into the fabric of society via the Naytronix hit machine. The world is bathed in the continuous dirty glow of evil summer twilight; dark exuberance lurks somewhere in the future.

Tour Dates

07/19 London, UK – Upset the Rhythm
07/22 Barcelos, Portugal – Milhoes de Festa
09/06 Portland, OR – The Holocene *

* = w/ Tanlines

Dirty Glow
(Plug Research Music)
Street Date: October 9, 2012

Track List:

1. Hangin’ Out
2. In The Summer
3. Baby Don’t Walk Away
4. Turn Around
5. Lead The Way
6. Nightmare
7. Good Thing
8. Elevator To Tomorrow
9. Are You Ready For A Good Time
10. Robotic
11. Evil Dancer

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