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Outer Osmo Ghost Mode is a fictional narrative centered around the interactions of Elda and Dell Banner, two online avatars stuck in the home map of a proto-virtual internet exploration program, Osmo. You create an avatar based on your self, and much like the program Second Life, create a ritual of activities that mirrors some idealized version of your life. Elda and Dell were created by an actual married couple of the same name who used the program for decades. Essentially, they have become the digital ghosts of the Banners.

The music:

The score for Outer Osmo Ghost Mode seems to run back into itself and has done it so much its begun decomposing with each pass. Sound design will be absolutely crucial to conveying this world. All the sounds which seemed to have an optimistic, futuristic quality when Osmo was created, will have undergone eras of digital degradation and come off distorted, distant, and otherwise anachronistic.


“Outer Osmo Ghost Mode” written by Alan Palomo
animation by Johnny Woods
score and sound design by Alan Palomo
directed by Alan Palomo and Johnny Woods

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