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Companion premieres video for “Only,” debut album out today

Companion is a new project from Pepi Ginsberg

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Companion is the new project from Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Pepi Ginsberg. With two critically acclaimed solo albums under her belt, Pepi returns with a new moniker, an expanded lineup and a lusher sound.

Companion’s debut album is out today, and to celebrate the band shares their stunning video for “Only.” Check out the video premiere over at Stereogum.

Listen to an exclusive full album stream of Companion’s debut album at Spinner. You can purchase the album now over at iTunes. Album details and track list below.

Be sure to catch the band live when they play their record release show in their hometown of Brooklyn on February 21 at Glasslands.


Video Credits:

Directed by Bridget Palardy

Produced by Danielle Krudy

Cinematography by Todd Banhazl

Choreography by Marko Haines with Megan Fowler-Hurst

Costumes by CryBaby Presents

DANCERS: Meredith Shaver, Kijai Salimu, Dani Wendel, Laura Smyth, Nina Simone Moore, Crystal Jiang, Porscha Spells, Jordan Davis, Kelly Cloninger, Holly Meairs, Sara Murdock, Vivi Varon, Stella Aryan, Jillian Gambino, Colleen Melhuish, Kenzie Cochran, Ashley Wilkerson, Tracy Tom-Hoon, Ellis Meng, Chloe Freeman, Autumn Ericson, Tina Martin, Megan Fowler-Hurst

About Companion:

“If Cat Power’s voice and Neko Case’s voice made sweet, sweet love to each other, you’d likely get the voice of Pepi Ginsberg. But the soft sounds are delivered with razor sharp lyrics that tell amazing little stories.”

– Philadelphia City Paper

“Ginsberg does display an acute talent for making minor tweaks to the most time-honored formulas.”


Companion, a new project from Pepi Ginsberg (Red, East Is East), is defined by lush vocal arrangements and strong rhythmic hooks. A clear departure from Ginsberg’s earlier work, Companion delivers artful pop with a twist.

The process of developing this new sound began around Ginsberg’s thorough home recordings of her songs, along with vocal harmonies she created with bandmates Anna Thorngate and Amy Carrigan-both of whom she enlisted from the ranks of the Brooklyn Ladies Choir, an all-women singing group she’d formed in the winter of 2010. To flesh out these vocal-centric versions of the songs, she picked up her own guitar and turned to her longtime bass player, Tim Lappin, plus new guitarist Kirk Schoenherr and drummerJustin Veloso. In the studio, the band started to create a sound that incorporated elements both organic and electronic, often incorporating Ginsberg’s homemade beats: “I needed to learn how to write harder parts on my guitar and sing more challenging melodies, and I was listening to a lot of HOT 97,” she says. “I wanted to build beats and have electronic aspectsto the music, so I had to figure out how to write them, and blend those ideas with the organic nature of the songs.”

The production on the band’s eponymous debut is big and airy. With help from people like Jake Aron (Grizzly Bear, Yeasayer, Jamie Lidell) and Nathan Sabatino (Dr. Dog), the album is powerful, rich and compelling. It marks an auspicious and mature beginning for a young band.

Tour Dates: 

02/21 Brooklyn, NY – Glasslands (Record Release Show)

Street Date: February 5th, 2013

Track List:

1. 20th Century Crime
2. Out of Control and Wasted On Youth
3. All That I Want
4. Only
5. My Country, Your USA
6. No Kid/Blast
7. Homegirl
8. Swimming/Wave
9. Blue Movie
10. New Age/Real Change