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Out of Touch  

In the Wild  out  April 2 on Memphis Industries

STREAM: “Nomento” (Field Music Remix)


The Manchester-based math pop group Dutch Uncles get remixed by fellow pop-eccentrics Field Music. David Brewis of Field Music adds vocal flourishes and a slew of synth sounds to Dutch Uncles’ “Nomento.” Listen to the remix over at Pitchfork.

Dutch Uncles’ new album Out Of touch In The Wild comes out April 2 on Memphis Industries.

About Dutch Uncles:

Isn’t it great to see a young band growing the old fashioned way? Three albums into their career, Manchester’s Dutch Uncles, a group who pitched their tents firmly in pop’s leftfield with their eponymous first album before releasing Memphis Industries debut Cadenza in 2011, have made another huge step forward with their forthcoming album

Out Of Touch In The Wild.

There’s been no great reinvention, just great progress: this is a refined version of Dutch Uncles doing what they do best: making labyrinthine pop of Escher-like complexity and crystal clarity. Unlike previous outings, Out Of Touch In The Wild was written and conceived as a full ‘studio’ album, allowing for greater creative freedom, more sophisticated arrangements and a much larger sonic palette, seeing them utilize strings, piano, analogue synths and tuned percussion more so than guitars.

The band’s underlying influences remain but this time around see’s Kate Bush, Igor Stravinsky, Japan, Prince and Neu! all intriguingly thrown into the mix. In spite of this, says singer Duncan, “it’s still an album to be listened to with pop ears, and not to be considered as an overblown prog-math-rock-bloody-time-signature ideology.”

Lyrically the album is based loosely around themes of addiction and friendship. According to Duncan, Bellio deals with “the frustration of not being able to act towards our friends with the intense love and devotion we sometimes build up towards them in our minds” whilst Godboy helplessly observers the loss of a close friend to the decaying effects of addiction. The marimba and motorik groove of Fester is Dutch Uncles’ cynical call to arms in the face of adversity whilst Nometoimagines an old man returning to an old addiction one last time. Flexxin, the band’s most inspired pop moment yet written after sharing the bill with Prince at 2011’s HopFarm, is an exercise in character writing telling tales of sexual indiscretions.

Out Of Touch In The Wild is the sound of the Dutch Uncles hitting their stride confidently, striking out on their own in fascinating new directions and it lays down an early, compelling gauntlet for 2013.

Comprising Pete Broadhead (guitar), Andy Proudfoot (drums), Robin Richards (bassguitar), Daniel Spedding (guitar) and Duncan Wallis (lead vocals, piano), Dutch Uncles formed in Marple, near Stockport, in 2008.


Dutch Uncles
Out of Touch In The Wild 
(Memphis Industries)
Street Date: April 2nd, 2013

Track List:

1. Pondage
2. Bellio
3. Fester
4. Godboy
5. Threads
6. Flexxin
7. Zug Zwang
8. Phaedra
9. Nometo
10. Brio

Links: Official Site  // Facebook // Twitter // Label