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About Vinyl Williams:

Lionel Williams (aka Vinyl Williams) is a Los Angeles based artist and musician. His collage art & psyche-pop music fuses vast landscapes, multi-religous symbolism, and the supernatural into a paradoxical whirlpool of “mysticism and sonic matrices”.

Like debut album Lemniscate, the ‘Stellarscope’ single was written and performed solely by songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer Williams. On the surface his music is a flood of ideas and imagery, dashing psyched-out space-rock with layers of kraut and shoegaze. ‘Stellarscope’ is a muscular, transcendental-pop track led by frazzled melodies and a driving rhythm section. 

The track is backed by an interactive music video game designed by Williams himself. Hosted on Williams’ website, the video allows you to alter elements of the song by exploring a kaleidoscope virtual world in first person. You can also watch a walkthrough video of the experience on YouTube.

This amorphous sensation is a constant across Williams’ mediums. The 22 year old has also exhibited his similarly surreal art across New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, and Seoul. 

The single has also been remixed by Europa51, a “supergroup of sorts, featuring Stereolab members Andy Ramsay, Simon Johns, and Dominic Murcott.”

’Stellarscope’ is an interactive environment. It’s meant to be explored as a generative process – in other words you create the visuals by wandering throughout. Certain objects have sounds that emanate out of them (rainforest sounds in the jungle, ambient drones out of celestial tree disks, low drones out of the ending chalice) which are in congruency with the actual song. If you can make into a close proximity to those objects during the duration of the song, in a sense you can jam with it. It’s supposed to allow navigation into a visual and sonic improvisational world. There is no interface or goal, it’s really about exploring, and ultimately a test of digital dexterity. It appears to be a little difficult to navigate through a space jungle kingdom built on seamless stream-of-consciousness.


03/02 Los Angeles, CA Thee Overpass
03/14 Austin, TX Rockfeedback SXSW @ Latitude 30 – 10pm
03/14 Austin, TX Austin Psych Fest SXSW @ Hotel Vegas – 1pm
03/16 Austin, TX No Pain in Pop SXSW @ Valhalla – 9pm *
04/26 – 04/28 Austin, TX Austin Psych Fest
05/05 Los Angeles, CA Psycho De Mayo Fest

* = Vinyl Williams side project Hidden Music


Vinyl Williams
(Salonislam / No Pain in Pop)
Street date: Nov. 13, 2012

1. Tokyo -> Sumatra
2. Higher Worlds
3. Stellarscope
4. Who Are You
5. Grassy
6. Object Of The Source
7. Inner Space
8. Open Your Mind
9. Follow In Your Dreams
10. Harmonious Change (bonus track)


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