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Tobago out April 16 on R&S Records 

STREAM:  Egyptian Hip Hop – Tobago –  


To coincide with their upcoming UK tour, Egyptian Hip Hop will release a re-recorded version of “Tobago,” produced by Richard Formby (Wild Beasts, Darkstar etc), on April 16.

The band recently released a video for “Tobago” in which they said the song was named after the country of origin of Neville Lawrence aka SUPERSTAR & STAR.

“From the first incarnation, as a jam, to the final video, we had Neville in mind and, for this, we are thankful to him,” says the band. “He has a light and a vitality often lacking in this grey world. Neville is a superstar and we follow in his footsteps. He will always be pure.”

The track, taken from their critically acclaimed debut album, GOOD DONT SLEEP, will be backed by live favorite “The White Falls,” recorded by the band themselves in a Manchester basement in January, and an instrumental “Outro,” taken from the album sessions.

The artwork for each single will be a unique silk-screened print by the band and guitarist Louis Stevenson Miller’s 15 year old brother, Harry.


Egyptian Hip Hop
Tobago EP
R&S Records

Street Date: April 15, 2013

1. Whitefalls (live)
2. Outro


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