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MP3: “The Coastal Path” (The Amorphous Androgynous remix) –[media][/media]

The recently released Andy Cato album on Apollo Records was a time capsule of 20 years of rave culture. It was a personal record of someone’s trip through the mortal maze of dance music. “I did it for me,” asserts Cato. “I was worried that anyone else might not have the same feelings when they heard the tracks, but I played it to some people and they seemed to get caught up in the journey as well.” It’s all in there somewhere. The squat raves. The Pepsi-sponsored stages. The DJ gigs in front of 100,000 people. Arriving at an LA gig in a Sopwith Camel. It’s a history of the past 20 years through the lens of one person.

Now this personal music has been re-imagined by two legends of electronic music who have both previously released classic music on R&S and Apollo.

FSOL first appeared on R&S with their debut album ‘Accelerator’, their remix of ‘The Coastal Path’ as The Amorphous Androgynous comes as a three part opus of psychedelic rock, ambient and a funky wig out ending mixing live drums, hammond, guitars and flutes.

Biosphere aka Geir Jenssen released some of his most well known music on Apollo including the ‘Patashnik’ album. It’s an honour to welcome him back to the label with his beautiful, spacious reworking of ‘Sunrise Sant Agnes’.

The remix single is out digitally on July 23 with Apollo / R&S Records. Stream The Amorphous Androgynous remix at Spin.

Andy Cato
Remix Single
(Apollo Records)
Street Date: July 23, 2013 (US), digital only

Pre-order here.

1. The Coastal Path (The Amorphous Androgynous a monstrous psychedelic bubble remix)
2. Sunrise Sant Agnes (Biosphere Remix)