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MP3: Keep Shelly In Athens – “Recollection” –[media][/media] Thoroughly entrenched in summertime, Keep Shelly in Athens and Cascine put forward ‘Recollection’, the first proper single from the band’s debut album, At Home, set for release September 17. Set against a thoroughly rocking breakbeat and a sun-kissed chord progression, ‘Recollection’ shows Keep Shelly in Athens walking the line between edge and openness, vitality and drama.

As the name implies, Keep Shelly in Athens is an Athens Greece-based duo that began building their reputation on the strength of early singles and EPs released in 2010 & ’11 via Forest Family Records and Transparent. At Home, their inaugural album, comes out via Cascine and was constructed along a travel-based narrative, to ebb and flow with experiences accumulated on the road around the world.

Keep Shelly in Athens is producer RNЯ, who builds the music along a framework of warm, driving breaks, and Sarah P. who threads the material with seductive, dream-inducing vocals. Bringing on two additional musicians to add to their live show, they performed at Coachella, headlined the Great Escape, and sold out Camden Crawl in just the last two years.

Historically, Keep Shelly in Athens has kept their cards close to the chest, focusing on their music, not their image. It’s a conscious decision to let the material tell the story. At Home will play out in a similar way.

Stream the first single ‘Recollection’ at Pitchfork now.

Keep Shelly In Athens
At Home
Release Date: Sept 17, 2013 

1. Time Exists Only To Betray Us
2. Oostende
3. Recollection
4. Flyway
5. Higher
6. Madmen Love
7. Stay Away
8. Room 14 (I’m fine)
9. DIY
10. Knife
11. Sails
12. Hover
13. Back to Kresnas street

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