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No Escape EP – 

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Vex Ruffin makes hypnotic and minimal electro-punk music that summons the spirit of early proto-punk pioneers like Suicide, combined with the electro disco of label mate James Pants. Merging brooding synthesizers and added fuzzed out guitar riffs over his rhythmic tracks, Vex Ruffin’s self-titled debut full-length confirms he’s an uncomplicated guy with an unabashed adoration for minimal sonic textures.Vex takes new wave, 60s psychedelia, primitive electronic and gnarly rock and roll, chopping and changing genres, breaking all the rules of conventional songwriting. A prolific musician, Vex churns out tracks simple in construction, but dense with attitude.

Who is Vex Ruffin:

He’s a Filipino-American solo artist who is from Chino Hills, a suburb that borders 3 colossal Southern Californian counties. His hometown is a bizarre fusion of suburban monotony intertwined with a widely dissimilar hodgepodge of communities. This communal paradox is reflected in his music as he straddles a range of genres but never fully pledges himself to just one musical identity.

NO ESCAPE is a collection of five songs, presented here as a free album download.

Vex explains his methodology for the track list: “These came from a batch of many songs I made in the past two years.  Peanut Butter Wolf and I had a difficult time trying to decide which songs to put out so I closed my eyes and stuck with whatever songs my finger landed on.”

And the cover image: “It’s my dog Smush.”

On November 12th, Vex Ruffin’s self-titled debut album will be released digitally and on vinyl by Stones Throw and on cassette via Burger Records.

Vex Ruffin
No Escape EP
(Stones Throw)
Street Date: Aug. 14, 2013

Track List:
1. Always Wanna Fuss
2. No Escape
3. Take It
4. Ano Bang Gusto Mo
5. There’s A Problem