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VIDEO: Kasket – ‘Warm Regards’ (Dir. Ben Cookesley) –[media][/media] Kasket (aka Charlie Baldwin) returns to Apollo with his second EP. Charlie began creating electronic music like many British teenagers in recent years, channeling his curiosity for sounds and textures through software in a constant search for a musical style to call his own. Migrating through dubstep, house, drum & bass, and more in a truly kaleidoscopic approach to electronic production, Baldwin’s work as Kasket seems to have settled on a hybrid melding of acoustic and digital synthesis that’s as inspired by his family’s background in live jazz performance as modern dance music.

Warm Regards, a collection of four songs left to simmer with traces of ambient, jazz, and dance rhythms, opens in dramatic fashion with a majestic title track of billowing synths and plaintively struck chords that serves as an ideal introduction to Kasket‘s most realised work yet. “Give It A Name” continues the evolution of swirling piano, soft-hued synths and live percussion at a markedly faster tempo, punctuated by sweeping trumpet lines that give the song a cinematic sheen.

The mood lightens with the playful, elastic bounce of “Bad Connection”, Kasket‘s most ambitious exercise in syncopated jazz improvisation yet. Ascending keys ripple over a strutting double bass into loose, free-form territory until “Between Sleep and Dreams” concludes the EP with a symphonic flourish that utilises strings, acoustic drums, and digital filters to create a track of refined emotional power. A stirring closer to Warm Regards that demands repeated listens, this closing song allows the listener to fully appreciate the grand scope of Kasket’s latest release in his progression from the dancefloor to somewhere new entirely.

Today, Kasket shares a new video for the title track, ‘Warm Regards’. Director, Ben Cookesley, sets bright colors to the fluid motion of the instrumentation. Watch it here.

Warm Regards EP
(Apollo / R&S Records)
Release Date: Sept. 3, 2013

A1. Warm Regards
A2. Give It A Name
B1. Bad Connection
B2. Between Sleep And Dreams

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