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MP3: The Band in Heaven – ‘Farewell Summer’[media][/media]

VIDEO: ‘Does It Show’ (Dir. by UNIT1media)[media]

the band in Heaven- “Does It Show” from UNIT1 media on Vimeo.


In the thick of a sweat-soaked, sun burnt Floridian summer, West Palm Beach’s The Band in Heaven have finished their debut full-length record, Caught in a Summer Swell, slated for release on Decades Records, a boutique South Florida label. They will also release the album on cassette with Cheap Miami.

On first listen it is apparent they’ve made a distinct departure from their previous releases, no longer hiding behind curtains of reverb and feedback. Casting aside their guttural shoegaze foundation, they instead meet us with an overall dreamy sound. Sometimes spacey, sometimes catchy, other times noisy, the band in Heaven now holds our attention with a tighter, stronger rhythm section which is then glazed over with a sheen of dreamy, delayed guitars. Male / female vocals trade off throughout the album.The lyrics aren’t hidden, but nothing is on the surface.

The albums closer, ‘Farewell Summer,’ is a reference to a Ray Bradbury novel, namely the sequel to Dandelion Wine. The novel itself is about the young declaring war on the old. The lyrics touch on this somewhat with the line “All my friends have been married, buried, or carried away.” Instead of outright war, The Band in Heaven outwardly demonstrates their dissatisfaction with the rituals of life, embittered perhaps with the thought of being forced to remain in youth, grasping for the paths in life that were afforded to so many, but always out of reach for them. Check out ‘Farewell Summer’ at MTV Hive now!


09/07 Miami, FL – Sweat Records (Cassette Store Day)
09/19 West Palm Beach, FL – Respectables (Album Release Party)
09/20 Miami, FL – Vagabond (Vagabond Anniversary)
10/05 Ybor City, FL – Plan B Festival
10/17-10/19 New York, NY – CMJ

* = w/ Cold Cave, Jacuzzi Boys, Beach Day

Album Cover -Caught in a Sumemr Swell
the band in Heaven
Caught in a Summer Swell
(Decades Records)
Street Date: Sept 17, 2013
Pre-order here.

1. Dandelion Wine
2. Does It Show
3. Summer Swell
4. Fairweather Friends
5. Tunnel Into Your Dreams
6. Music Television
7. Breaths
8. Young and Dumb
9. Disappear Here
10. Farewell Summer

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