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Containing A Thousand EP out March 11 on R&S Records
STREAM: Lakker – “K’antu” – 


After a decade of creating some of “the most distinctive techno around”  (Resident Advisor) for the likes of Blueprint and Stroboscopic  Artefacts, R&S is delighted to welcome Dublin based duo, Lakker  into the fold with their stunning new EP, Containing A Thousand.
Lakker: ‘We’re delighted to be releasing on R&S. It’s one of  those labels that has been huge in electronic music for years – anyone  who is into modern electronic music will have a few R&S records in  their collection. Ourselves included – classics from Joey Beltram and  AFX up to the recent Tessela stuff. It’s all in our bag!”

Their intricate, yet muscular soundscapes and skittering percussion  have an epic, alien quality that set them head and shoulders above their  less ambitious peers; witness the blistering noise of the  brooding title track, the staggered, slurping beats and mechanistic  clanks of “Mausoleum,” the crisp, propulsive grooves of “K’antu” and  jagged slashing drums of “Thermohaline.”
Having a background in punk, metal and broken beat as well as noise  and techno helps give Lakker their truly unique and uncompromising sound  – indeed their music has won them the most coveted recommendation in  electronic music – Richard D James (Aphex Twin) himself has been known  to deploy multiple Lakker tracks in his face melting live sets.   


You can now listen to “K’antu” over at Pitchfork.


Containing A Thousand EP
(R&S Records)
Street Date: March 11, 2014
12″ / DL

A1. Containing a Thousand
A2. Mausoleum
B1. K’antu
B2. Thermohaline