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Photo by Odonis Odonis

‘Hard Boiled Soft Boiled’ out April 15 via Buzz Records

STREAM: “Ring of Fire” (Johnny Cash Cover)


April 15th, 2014 will see the release of Odonis Odonis’ Hard Boiled Soft Boiled, the follow-up to the band’s critically praised debut, Hollandaze. Earlier this month the band shared the album track/video “New Obsession.” Today the group applies their unique brand of washed-out industrial to Johnny Cash’s classic ballad “Ring of Fire.” Listen to the cover over at SPIN.

Hard Boiled Soft Boiled splits Odonis Odonis’ sound in two, embracing vinyl and appealing to the strengths of the form by having two complementary, but distinct sides. The first is a strict machine of industrial proportions and clamour, influenced by early Ministry, Nitzer Ebb, Skinny Puppy and Wire. The second side is a warmer affair awash with dreamy, truly affecting melodies in the style of New Order, Slowdive and Cocteau Twins.

Recorded over a three week period in Vancouver, Canada with Colin Stewart (Black Mountain, Pretty Girls Make Graves), Hard Boiled Soft Boiled features a bevy of guest-performances including New Pornographers Kathryn Calder and Kurt Dahle.

Hard Boiled Soft Boiled dramatically expands the sonic pallette of the band and demonstrates just how dynamic a songwriter Dean Tzenos can be.


Tour Dates:

03/14 Austin, TX – Hotel Vegas (Panache Booking SXSW Showcase)

More SXSW shows TBA



Born out the same Toronto DIY scene that spawned Metz/Soupcans/HSY/Greys, Odonis Odonis cut their teeth at the now defunct Buzz Garage, where they built a solid foundation as a crushing live band.

Onstage, Tzenos (vocals, guitar) is flanked by Denholm Whale (bass) and Jarod Gibson (drums). The live show is the point where their diverging influences and hypnotic visual aesthetic collide.

2011’s Hollandaze showcased the band’s ability to create something that was uniquely theirs out of a patchwork of influences as disparate as surf, industrial and old b-movie horror films. No one label fit, so “industrial surf-gaze” was coined.

The group returned in 2013 with their Better EP, upping the intensity of their frantic post-punk by focusing in on their talent for tuneful abrasion.

Hard Boiled Soft Boiled finds Odonis Odonis pushing their sound into new territory, because much like the hypnotic spiral that came to be associated with the band’s debut record Hollandaze, Odonis Odonis do not follow a linear path.



Buzz Records was founded in 2011 as a garage venue that hosted mostly local punk and noise bands, and soon grew into a cross-genre hub of local and touring acts like White Lung, Doldrums, Mood Rings, and Odonis Odonis. Since the demise of the venue in late 2012, the Buzz crew of Ian Chai, Dean Tzenos, and venue co-founders Denholm Whale and Jude have been dedicated to releasing music that has come out of this small, dirty pocket of Toronto. Buzz has recently released music by Weaves, Odonis Odonis and HSY.

Odonis Odonis
Hard Boiled Soft Boiled
[Buzz Records] Street Date: April 15, 2014

1. Tension
3. Order In The Court
5. Breathing Hard
6. Mr. Smith
7. Release
8. Angus Mountain
9. Office Sluts
10. Highnote
11. Transmission From The Moon
12. Alexa Wait