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Where Is Alice EP out now on Apollo Records

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Kasket follows up his Warm Regards EP with the three track Where Is Alice EP, released April 22 on Apollo Records.

Renowned for his unusual production methods and unorthodox arrangements, Kasket’s sound has developed into something spectacular over the last few years, with influences deriving from as far away as free form jazz to traditional Asian compositions. Channeling his curiosity for sounds and textures through software in a constant search for a musical style to call his own, Kasket migrates dubstep, house, drum & bass and more in a kaleidoscopic approach to electronic production, resulting in a hybrid melding of acoustic and digital synthesis that’s as inspired by his family’s background in live jazz performance as it is in modern dance music.

Where Is Alice sums up both what Kasket’s music is all about and exactly where it’s heading. The arrangements combine organic sound samples and sumptuous synthesizer patches to produce music without boundaries. From the complex drum arrangements of “Forgiven,” the tribal nature of “Jabawocky” and title track “Where is Alice,” waves upon waves of sublime synthesizer sounds cascade majestically amidst crisp drum arrangements to form a series of blissful arrangements.



Where Is Alice EP

(Apollo Records)
April 22, 2014
Digital Only
Track List:
1. Where Is Alice
2. Forgiven
3. Jabawocky