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VIDEO: “The End” (Dir. by Matthew Reed) – NPR 

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London four-piece CYMBALS have shared a new video for ‘The End’ via NPR, the seven minute-plus centre piece of their new album The Age Of Fracture (out now on Tough Love). Once again directed by Matthew Reed, who also created their acclaimed high-concept video for ‘Erosion’, as well as the album trailer. It is the aesthetic first introduced in the latter that is explored more fully in this new video:  
“The video is a portrait of London over 24 hours, stripped back to its essential rhythms of work, leisure and the movement between the two. The song seemed, to me, to inhabit that grey area between four in the morning and dawn, when you have people going home from the night before and people getting up for work, sharing the same night bus.So the video keeps ending up at that point. The idea being that however much you may try to escape it, city life keeps you hostage to very pronounced cycles of rhythm and routine. The video is an attempt to distill that into a psychedelia of: ticket halls, private gyms, gigs and Wetherspoons.”

CYMBALS are set to play a special one-off show at Corsica Studios next Wednesday(4th June), which sees support from Oscar and Shy Nature, as well as a very unique performance from poets Joe Dunthorne and Jack underwood. In July, the group cross the Atlantic for their first ever North American tour.


04 June – Corsica Studios, London
20 June – Camden Crawl, London
20 June – Camden Crawl, London
18 July – Pianos, NYC
19 July – Glasslands, Brooklyn
22 July – iHeartComix @ Echo, Los Angeles
23 July – Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco
25 July – Bunkbar, Portland
26 July – Capitol Hill Block Party, Seattle
27 July – Media Club, Vancouver

The Age of Fracture
(Tough Love Records)
Release Date: Feb 4, 2014
1. Winter ’98
2. The Natural World
3. You Are
4. Empty Space
5. The 5%
6. The Fracture of Age
7. Like An Animal
8. Erosion
9. This City
10. The End
11. Call Me