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SoundCloud  / Wondering Sound 
Stolen Jars fits parts into wholes. The songs on Kept, their upcoming album, loop and build until each element feels inseparable from those that surround it. Its orchestration is at once disorienting and complimentary.”Waves,” the album’s opener, loops agile guitar melodies, bass notes sliding underneath to give each iteration an entirely different mood. On the second single, “Kept,” singers CodyFitzgerald (age 21) and Molly Grund (age 20) ebb in and out of phase before coming together for each chorus.

“I’m interested in hocketing-the way two riffs begin to sound together as one,” says Fitzgerald, who wrote the album in the two years following Stolen Jars’ self-titled debut. The process, like the compositions themselves, evolved slowly. Fitzgerald composed and layered parts in his bedroom, tinkering to ensure precision. With Grund, he built vocal melodies around the tracks. The lyrics are as much sonic as they are literary. It’s the sound of words that moves each track along. Once the album was finished, it was mixed by Eli Crews (tUnE-yArDs, Deerhoof, WHY?) and mastered by Jeff Lipton (Arcade Fire, Bon Iver, LCD Soundsystem).

Fitzgerald builds off the success of Stolen Jars, released in 2011. “Driving,” off that record, was featured in an iPad commercial, and the band played numerous shows along the Eastern seaboard. On Kept, Fitzgerald worked to expand the fidelity, instrumentation, and scope. It’s a larger, deeply ambitious record.

As Stolen Jars lock in, their sound continues to evolve. Guitarist Greg Nissan, drummer Will Radin, and keyboardist Tristan Rodman render each part whole in a live show that pushes Stolen Jars’ sound to its largest and most energetic. They’ll be playing shows in support of Kept this Summer and Fall.

Cody Fitzgerald on the first single, “Folded Out”:

“I started writing “Folded Out” in the middle of the night. Molly and I had stayed up making Joseph Cornell-esque boxes. As the night went on, the boxes got better, the music got better. The song came out of that moment.

I wrote the music first, short riffs and bits that came to me in 45-second increments over the next few months. Even before adding vocals, I had to record over a hundred tracks before I felt like the song was whole.

This was one of the first songs I wrote for the album, it was the first song that pushed me towards this new sound, and so, it only makes sense that I should get to share this song first.

I’m so excited that people finally get to take a listen.

My friend John-Elio Reitman sang with me and my friends Elena Juliano and Steven Whiteley played flute and trumpet on the track.”


07/26 – Brooklyn, NY – Pete’s Candy Store
08/15 – Paterson, NJ – Paterson Art Factory
09/20 – Providence, RI – Nissan’s Lair