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With just a couple of weeks until Love Inks release their third album, Exi, the Austin trio reveal sleek album standout track ‘Regular Lovers’. The band has also just announced a string of North American tour dates this Fall.

‘Regular Lovers’ sees Love Inks at their most stripped back to date; it’s a powerfully sincere work that holds a whole load of emotion as Sherry LeBlanc’s silky vocals echo “We’re regular lovers and it feels good.”

Love Inks are a minimalist group making music that harkens back to early  80’s UK (Marine Girls, Young Marble Giants) and David Lynch’s Roadhouse. The group’s sleek, needle-precise sound comes distinctly from Austin, Texas.

The trio use a combination of delicate guitar sounds, played quietly as if from a 12-foot deep well, alongside a bass, creating both tension and melodic release, in conjunction with an electronic drum machine. The triangle is only completed by Sherry LeBlanc’s voice, which leads the listener through every song, whether it be mellow or dark. These three elements come together in synchronized dignity to make Love Inks.The band’s use of silence and approach to instrumentation makes their music direct & sincere harking a real testament to that little old saying, that sometimes less really is more.


9.11 Denton, TX / Rubber Gloves
9.12 St. Louis, MO / Plush
9.13 Cincinnati, OH / MOTR Pub
9.15 Brooklyn, NY / Glasslands
9.16 Philadelphia, PA / Kung Fu Necktie
9.17 Washington DC / Republic of Tacoma
9.18 Toronto, ON / Lee’s Palace
9.19 Pittsburgh, PA / Smiling Moose
9.20 Chapel Hill, NC / Local 506
9.22 Atlanta, GA / 529 Club
9.23 Birmingham, AL / The Nick
9.24 Nashville, TN / The Sweetwater
9.25 New Orleans, LA / The Beatnik
9.26 Fort Worth, TX / Lola’s
9.28 Austin, TX / W Living Room
Love Inks - Exi
Love Inks
(Republic of Music)
Street Date: Sept. 9, 2014
Track List:

1. Shoot 100 Panes of Glass
2. Dawn/ Poem
3. Don’t Hear That
4. Exi
5. Way Out
6. New West
7. Sky Machine
8. Regular Lovers
9. Text Message
10.Spirit Communication