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“Deathvox” is a club shaking, wild, imaginative tour de force, featuring Paula Temple’s voice transformed like nothing on earth. “I wanted to create a sonic movement completely transhuman, captivating, and capable of tingling every chakra in the body.”

“Monstro” presents a half-speed techno industrial explosion fitting for a Nine Inch Nails mosh pit.

“Ful” completes the prodigious journey with synth-melodic richness you might expect from Karen Gwyer or Nathan Fake. Temple named the track in gratitude to the Stockholm art group FUL for challenging European border policies. “Ful” also means “Ugly” in Swedish.

Deathvox EP is the work of an inspired mind, citing her recent move to Berlin and working with progressive artists on her label, Noise Manifesto, as major influences on the craft of this record. Bringing together her love of post-punk, industrial noise and synthesizers, Paula Temple broadens her scope of the techno spectrum and sets her own mark yet again in this uncompromising release.

“If you want a gauge of how well techno is doing in 2014, there might be no better measure than the renaissance of techno artist Paula Temple.” – Red Bull Music Academy

“This self-described “noisician” seems to have found kindred spirits in the UK’s new industrial techno generation. Unlike many of her contemporaries, though, Temple seems intent on injecting some political energy back into the form.” – Resident Advisor   

Paula Temple
Deathvox EP
R&S Records
Oct. 28, 2014
 12″ / Digital


A1. Deathvox
A2. Monstro
B. Ful

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