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Night Safari out Sept. 29 on Bad Panda Records / Folk Wisdom
Populous – “Fall” (feat. Cuushe):  SoundCloud
Photo by Antonio Dicorato

Populous previously shared the song “Vu” (feat. Clap! Clap!) from his forthcoming album, Night Safari. Now, you can hear a new song, “Fall,” featuring Japanese singer Cuushe.Night Safari, the most recent album by Populous (aka Andrea Mangia), marks his comeback six years after the issue of Drawn In Basic, his last full-length published by Morr Music. After dedicating some time to Life & Limb, a side-project shared with the New York singer Michael McGuire, he is back from an exotic trip amidst world sounds and the exploration of electronic music, from ancient ethnic instruments to the low pitch of the 808.
It is an imaginary nighttime safari with his partners in adventure (Clap Clap!, Cuushe, Digi G’Alessio, Iokoi, DJ Khalab, and Giorgio Tuma) using field recordings from the four corners of the world, samples taken from hidden records, African poly-rhythms and kraut synths. Here he is using a crossbred language, which moves easily across borders and boundary lines, naturally mixing continental glitch-hop and tropical splendor.
Whether it is Mumbai or Tunis, Berlin or Rio, Lecce or Tokyo, Populous sketches a new world map removing all political borders, only to leave his very personal sound aesthetics in charge.

Night Safari will be released by Bad Panda Records / Folk Wisdom on Sept. 29, 2014.

Night Safari
Bad Panda Records / Folk Wisdom
Street Date: Sept. 29, 2014
1. Himalaya Reel To Reel
2. Fall (feat. Cuushe)
3. Vu (feat. Clap! Clap!)
4. Dead Sea
5. Quad Boogie (feat. Digi G’Alessio)
06. Honey (feat. Iokoi)
7. Agadez (feat. Dj Khalab)
8. Water Temple (feat. Clap! Clap!)
9. Brighton pier
10. Night Safari
11. Brasilia (feat. Giorgio Tuma)