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Driftless Ambient 1 out now on Driftless Recordings

Art by Paley Fairman
Driftless Recordings proudly announces Driftless Ambient 1, an ambient compilation and the first of a series.

Driftless Recordings’ first ambient compilation opens up the fall season with some fitting tracks from Driftless founders and friends. Featuring not only Driftless alum like Megafortress, Joel Ford, North Americans, and Eaters, Driftless Ambient 1 also brings in notable guests such as CFCF, Exray’s, Hiro Kone and Tim Cohen of Fresh and Onlys into the mix – all of whom blend together a palette of electronic and organic sounds into an enveloping, cathartic collection of ambient pieces.

From the warm keys and winds of CFCF’s “Prisma,” the rhythmic and percussive hits of Hiro Kone’s “Trepidations,” and to the celestial hums of North American’s “Virgin America,” each track is a unique exploration and reminder of the organic harmony that exists between the natural and the electronic.

Overall, Driftless Ambient 1, an inaugural release both seasonally and as a series, is bound to resonate with the listener.


Driftless Ambient 1

(Driftless Recordings)

DL / Cassette
Sept. 23, 2014

1. Megafortress – “Rejected Song For A British Car Commercial”
2. CFCF – “Prisma”
3. Hiro Kone – “Trepidations”
4. North Americans – “2004” (Joel Ford Remix)
5. Tim Cohen – “Arts & Entertainment (Part 1)”
6. Eaters – “Banner of Your Own Choosing”
7. Xray’s – “Transportation”
8. North Americans – “Virgin America” 

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