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Mountain Divide EP out now on R&S Records

Video: Lakker – “Mountain Divide” –
XLR8R / YouTube

Self-titled Needle Exchange Mix: Lakker –
Self-titled / SoundCloud

Having blown the doors off with their R&S debut, Containing a Thousand, the duo return with a devastating new single that concentrates and coalesces their sound to unprecedented new heights.

Opener “Mountain Divide” hits the listener with a epic blitzkrieg of bass, juddering noise, and howling, subterranean feedback, cut through with fizzing drums, to tremendous atmospheric effect, “like screaming into the wind on the top of a mountain,” in the words of the boys themselves.

Math Fall” is a sinuous groover, built around a lolloping bass sequence, grime infused beats, sinister chords, and vocal chatter.

“Monla” rounds out the release in a more introspective mood, heartbreaking pitch bent chords wash together like Boards Of Canada heard through a broken tube-radio.

Their intricate, yet muscular soundscapes and skittering percussion have an epic, alien quality that set them head and shoulders above their less ambitious peers. Having a background in punk, metal and broken beat as well as noise and techno helps give Lakker their truly unique and uncompromising sound.

Currently touring their blistering live AV set across the planet and hard at work on their debut LP for R&S, you’ll be hearing a lot more from Lakker very soon.



Mountain Divide EP

(R&S Records)

Street Date: Oct. 14, 2014

12″ / DL

A1. Mountain Divide
B1. Math Fall
B2. Monla



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