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Print The Legend – Music for the film “Print The Legend” –
out now on Driftless Recordings
VIDEO: Noah Wall – “Closed Source” & “Hot Glue” –
MIX: Noah Wall – “Music For Resolutions” –
Still from “Closed Source” & “Hot Glue” video

Noah Wall’s Print The Legend is music written for the film of the same name – a critically acclaimed Netflix Original documentary that was just released on Sept. 26.The film is a feature documentary about the 3D printing industry, the age of the entrepreneur, ‘start-up’ culture, and the relic of the American Dream.

Noah Wall met the co-directors Clay Tweel and Luis Lopez last year (who previously worked together on the critically acclaimed documentary “The King of Kong“). “We had a pretty accelerated timeline for music and I ended up making a bunch,” says Wall. “A lot of the tracks didn’t make the final film cut, but I still wanted to use them somehow. After stepping away for a few months I returned to develop things a bit further. So that’s what this is.”

Noah Wall’s self-directed video for “Closed Source” and “Hot Glue” is now available to watch over at Stadiums & Shrines.

Print The Legend – music for the film “Print The Legend” – was released by Driftless Recordings on Dec. 2, 2014.

Noah Wall also recently contributed a mix for  David Byrne’s mix series. In light of the new year, the theme of the mix is “music for resolutions.”

“The vignettes are charming yet eerie, composed of relatively spare arrangements that are given the slightest exotic blur, turning them into little toy mirages that humbly march by.”Ad Hoc


Noah Wall
Print The Legend
(Driftless Recordings)
Street Date: Dec. 2, 2014 


1. Hot Glue
2. Blox
3. American Dream
4. Bling Blong
5. OK, Fine
6. Want You to Know
7. Production Problems
8. Closed Source
9. Build Your Chair
10. Detente
11. Sweet Rhodes
12. Ad Hominem
13. Hey