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ALSO out April 7 on R&S Records

STREAM: ALSO – “Blyford Bass” –


ALSO (Appleblim and Second Storey) present their stunning debut LP for R&S comprised of their critically acclaimed trilogy of EPs.

Opener “Arpemonger” (an exclusive track to the release that sees the duo stretching their classic IDM influences) leads into the uptempo cyborg funk of “Blyford Bass,” heavyweight bass of “Dive Prophets” and bleeping synth squiggles “Formation” – this is an album that really benefits from good headphones and repeated listens to truly get lost in their musical intricacies.

Ever since they first met and bonded over a shared love of machine rhythms and sleek electronic grooves, the pair have been hard at work on pushing their creative boundaries to the limit, never content to take the easy route – as Laurie explains, “if that means broken rhythms, and nontraditional melodies then so be it. There’s so many people making sonically ‘correct’ or refined 4×4 music, we just wanted to explore everything other than that, whilst still keeping the dance floor moving.”

These heavy studio / live loose jams sessions have borne truly verdant musical fruit inspired as much by classic R&S alumni from Aphex Twin to Blawan and the Detroit axis of Carl Craig and Juan Atkins. .

ALSO is pan genre, pan generational, emotive electronic music at its best, truly something special and a fine addition to R&S’ rich heritage of forward-thinking dancefloor sonic artistry.


R&S Records

April 7, 2015


1. Arpegmonger
2. Dive Prophets
3. Blyford Bass
4. Raves
5. Sid’s Conundrum
6. Rant Check: Parts 1 & 2
7. Ashford Swaiths
8. Formation
9. PGs