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VIDEO: “Decided Knowledge”

YouTube / Stereogum



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This week marks the release of pop group Dutch Uncles’ new album ‘O Shudder’ on Memphis Industries. Today the band shares the music video for “Decided Knowledge,” directed by Sam Alder and Nicholas Wood and produced by Manchester production studio Plastic Zoo. Shot in a small beach town in Wales, the video features a puppet version of the group’s lead singer Duncan. Stream the video over at Stereogum.


O Shudder is Dutch Uncles’ most direct album to date, the sound of a wildly witty band well and truly finding their stride, whilst lyrically tackling the growing pains of being twentysomething in a generic Northern suburbia; according to hip-swiveling front man Duncan Wallis, the album covers themes including “pregnancy, social media, terrorism, divorce, sexual dysfunction, job seeking, health scares, doubt, love”. 


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Dutch Uncles
O Shudder
[Memphis Industries] Release Date: February 24, 2015 

1. Babymaking
2. Upsilon
3. Drips
4. Decided Knowledge
5. I Should Have Read
6. In n Out
7. Given Thing
8. Don’t Sit Back (Frankie Said)
9. Accelerate
10. Tidal Weight
11. Be Right Back