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Plus, two more Song Exploder live events are left in Austin (SXSW) & Chicago
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In 2013, Warpaint starting working on their sophomore album. They retreated away from their home in Los Angeles to the nearby desert oasis of Joshua Tree, California. There, they wrote the song “Love Is to Die,” and it was decided that it would be the single from the record. Now, with over 6 million plays on Spotify and nearly 3 million more on YouTube, “Love Is to Die” is by some measures their most popular song. Designating as the single was a decision that was easy to make early on, but it was also carried unforeseen consequences for the band. In this episode, three of the four members break down the sounds in the song, and weigh in on some of the difficulty they faced getting this track from the initial idea to the finished recording.
This spring, the Song Exploder podcast will be taping the interviews for a few episodes live, in front of an audience. On Song Exploder, musicians break down their songs and piece by piece, tell the story of how they were made. Artist interviews are edited into short,15-minute episodes where stories of the creative process are intercut with isolated instruments of the song. These live shows are the only chance to hear the full conversation that goes into the interviews.
3-19 Austin with Will Butler of Arcade Fire, SXSW, Austin Convention Center ^
4-11 Chicago with American Football, Lincoln Hall
^ free for SXSW badge holders

Song Exploder is made by Hrishikesh Hirway. It was launched January 2014, with The Postal Service as the first guest. Over the past year, bands, composers, and producers from a range of genres have been guests. Songs by The National, Spoon, Ghostface Killah, Garbage, as well as music from Emmy-winning TV shows “House of Cards” and “Bob’s Burgers” and the Oscar-nominated film “The Imitation Game” have all been deconstructed on the show by their makers.

NPR’s All Things Considered aired an episode of Song Exploder last fall, and the podcast has been praised for the quality and the unique take on music and artist interviews:
“Brilliant concept” – Slate
“Your new favorite radio show” – Atlantic Monthly
“Well-produced and compelling” – The Pitchfork Review
“This is mandatory listening for any music fan” – The AV Club
“When Hirway plays the full, mixed version of the song at the end of the show, you feel a little like you played a small part in its creation.” – Wired
“Great listening for anyone who obsesses over details in a track or rewinds to hear the same moment again and again.” – NME
RSVP & ticket links for live shows are at