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Never Easy Never Been Easier out June 23 on Driftless Recordings
STREAM: Carlson – “2” –
FACT / Soundcloud



Carlson is a Brooklyn studio engineer / producer who’s worked with dozens of groundbreaking artists including Cat Stevens, Autre Ne Veut, Tim Hecker, and Ariel Pink. His debut full-length is a 40 minute continuous set, easy enough for a casual listen, but banging enough for the dance floor. Carlson creates a minimalist immersive backdrop to his simple yet effective beats. Coupled with slowly morphing improvisations, Never Easy Never Been Easier is never the same listen twice.

Although the majority of this album was tracked with in the confines of his Greenpoint, BK studio, “Garys Electric,” the initial backbone of the project was constructed while working abroad in Nicaragua:

“The sonic palette for this album was created during a surf/recording project I recently had the chance to work on. Every day there was a smooth-boogie / jazzy house party going on at the beach where we surfed. Spending about two weeks there, surfing daily, I got those tones in my head. So I would spend nights in our cabana actually sequencing beats I was hearing all day. At the end of the trip I had hours of free form beats and grooves.”

Never Easy Never Been Easier is a small slice of what Carlson has in store for the near future. Creating original material whenever he’s not busy working with others, Carlson is primed for a steady stream of releases and live shows in the coming year.

Head over to FACT to hear “2” from Never Easy Never Been Easier now.


Never Easy Never Been Easier
(Driftless Recordings)
Digital / Cassette
June 23, 2015