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Maya Postepski never stops. An active member of the Toronto music scene, she has been making music for over 10 years, currently as part of electronic group Austra (Paper Bag, Domino). She is a prolific remix artist, DJ and she co-wrote and produced TRST with Robert Alfons as Trust (Arts & Crafts).
Stream her EP Lossy on Brooklyn Vegan.  Click here to buy the digital EP.  To pre-order the vinyl (out August 14th) click here.

This project is the outlet for her genre-crossing experiments that take us on a journey through minimalist cosmic disco psychedelia, crossing through glacial poly-rhythmic territories soaked in dark dripping goo.

Shooting stars and icicles glimmering weave a reflective thread through each track while mechanical pulses ground soaring delicious keyboards that could melt the heart of a cobra.

Do not be afraid! Close your eyes and allow the warm synthesizer liquid to seep through your veins and take you into a far away galaxy of love, lust and passion.



Princess Century
(Paper Bag Records)
Street Date: August 14th

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Pre-order VINYL/CD

Track Listing:
1. Discoset
2. Wabi-Sabi
3. June Gloom
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