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‘Tundra – Remixed’ out August 14 on R&S Records


The Lakker ‘Tundra’ album is one of 2015’s finest electronic albums and has garnered praise from all quarters:
PITCHFORK “Sounds like the apocalyptic lovechild of Fuck Buttons and Clark.” [Overlooked records 2015]

MIXMAG “Tundra’ has all the sonic intensity of an R&S classic.”

GUARDIAN “Ambitious, restless blend of choral chirrups and industrial techno murk – but which all holds together anthemically.”
This remix collection features a group of very talented producers bringing us their personal interpretations of the original album tracks.
Leading with Mark Fell‘s amazing reductive version of ‘Oktavist‘ the remix package also features Spaces (who co-produced ‘Quicksand’ on the last Bjork album), Kyoka (Raster Norton), Primitive World (Sam from Walls), Acid Mondays (Ibiza), new comer Lahunand last but by no means least the Lakker guys themselves under their Eomac and Aradaliases.
A 12″ sampler is also available that features the Mark Fell and Kyoka remixes cut loud on a side of vinyl each.

 unnamed-1(Click artwork for high res)

Tundra – Remixed
(R&S Records)
Street Date: August 14, 2015 

  1. Oktavist (Mark Fell Remix)
2. Mountain Divide (Spaces Remix)
3. Three Songs (Kyoka Remix)
4. Pylon (Primitive World)
5. Milch (Lahun Remix)
6. Oktavist (Eomac Remix)
7. Toneru (Arad Remix)
8. Milch (Acid Mondays Remix)


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