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STREAM: “The Circuits That Cannot Be Cut”
Los Angeles punk outfit Hit Bargain shares their debut single “The Circuits That Cannot Be Cut.” Stream the track and read an interview with the band’s frontwoman Nora Singh on Noisey.
Hit Bargain are the progenitors of a new genre — “queencore“, the intersection of queer,queening and hardcore. They are as much a part of the LA underground, as an answer to it. Their song “Circuits That Cannot Be Cut” is a reimagining of the major motion picture, Die Hard, disguised as wry social commentary on gun and police violence. Bruce Willis is their spirit animal because he represents the sensitive everyman, called upon to be a hero–much in the way that Hit Bargain’s feminist anthems are a call to awareness for their listeners.
Hit Bargain is comprised of Nora Singh (vocals) Mike Barron (guitar and vocals), Anton Hochheim (drums), and Mike Stoltz (bass). Their collective resume includes These Are Powers, North Highlands, Teenage Waistband, and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.
photo by Vashti Windish
Hit Bargain
The Circuits That Cannot Be Cut (single)