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Track List:

1. Brenda Lee – “The Crying Game”

selected by Jaye Bartell

2. Lesley Gore – “You Don’t Own Me”

selected by Hooded Fang

3. The Magnetic Fields – “Either You Don’t Love Me Or I Don’t Love You”

selected by Daniel Gill of Force Field PR

4. Buzzcocks – “Just Lust”

selected by Adult Books

“Pete Shelley claims it’s just lust, but there seems to be more spite than sincerity in his words. In this sense, maybe “Just Lust” isn’t so much of an anti-love song as a wanna-be anti-love song — there’s definitely some real emotion there behind the tough front he puts up.”

5. Todd Rundgren – “Can We Still Be Friends?”

selected by Still Parade

6. Beulah – “Landslide Baby” 

selected by Sophie Gilchrist of Force Field PR

7. Kurt Vile – “Baby’s Arms”

selected by Beliefs

8. George Harrison – “Isn’t It A Pity”

selected by Golden Daze

“It’s the soundtrack to one of the saddest breakups of all time.”

9. The Style Council – “Long Hot Summer”

selected by Alan Palomo / Neon Indian

10. Choir of Young Believers – “Serious Lover”

selected by Dinner

“Choir is one of the best Danish bands around. And on this epic track they tell you all you need to know about the follies of love. Dinner will never love again”

11. Al Green – “Tired of Being Alone” 


selected by Yoko and The Oh No’s

12. Mina – “Se telefonando”

selected by James Vella of yndi halda

“A truly heartbreaking piece of music, scored by Ennio Morricone. Yet the grandeur of his arrangement can only support Mina’s yearning vocal delivery. An English translation of the key lyric: “If I could look at you again, and be sure you are not suffering, I would look at you again.”

13. The Smiths – “I Want The One I Can’t Have”

selected by Katy Goodman of La Sera

14. Makthaverskan – “Asleep”

selected by The Spook School

“I love them so much, overtime I feel crappy (99% of the time!) they form the perfect soundtrack. IT’S NOOOOT MEEEEE YOUUURRRR DREAAAAAMING OOOOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFF!”

15. Deerhoof – “Breakup Songs”

selected by Deep Sea Diver

“Title track from an amazing album following the breakup of the marriage of Satomi and Greg from Deerhoof.  An unfortunate situation that led to one of the most creative and screwed up pop albums of all time.”

16. Leonard Cohen – “Is This What You Wanted”

selected by David Brewis of Field Music

“We listened to it in the van today and it’s pleasingly brutal. I’m taking it to be about the sheer depth of bitterness that can exist between two people who’ve loved each other.”

17. Bright Eyes – “Lover I Don’t Have To Love”

selected by Coeur de Pirate

“I remember listening to Bright Eyes when I was younger and hating on the concept, thinking it would eventually make me sad at any cost. I still enjoy it today.”

18. Eddie Kendricks – “Date With The Rain”

selected by Anton Hochheim of Force Field PR

19. Ty Dollar $ign – “Horses In The Stable”

selected by N-A-R-C