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‘Call Me’ EP out now on Kwaidan Records / !K7
                                                                                    Stream: ‘I Might Be Wrong’ –

Photo Credit : Emmanuel Noyon
Last week on Clash, Joon Moon shared their cover of Radiohead’s ‘I Might Be Wrong‘ off their EP Call Me which came out April 1, 2016 on Kwaidan Records / !K7.
Joon Moon’s story started in 2014 in Montmartre, Paris, in the studio of the excessively discreet Julien Decoret – with Phoebe Killdeer giving breath to his first lyric sheets. The indefatigable Moon’s aim was to continue creating, after touring with Nouvelle Vague, Florent Marchet etc, and start his own project.
With all the creative decisions already made for keyboards, vocals and drums, Julien joined up with his pals Raphael Chassin and Sébastien Trouvé for both the studio recording and stage show that they had already collectively imagined.

In early 2015, thanks to chance encounters and other musically-minded friends like Marc Collin and Hugh Coltman, Julien Decoret met another artist with an impressive live show (and someone just as reserved as he is) – Krystle Warren, born in Kansas City and recently arrived in France.

The four had mutual friends, and after a few try-outs in the studio and a misunderstanding about a certain Alice / Juliette Lewis (a story that makes them all laugh even today) a real synergy came to pass, with Joon Moon the result – both in the studio and on stage.

This second & new EP “Call Me”, released March 25th after a short tour in USA and a stop at SXSW, showcases a mix of precise and impressive pop and soul arrangements, hinting that the album due in October 2016 will be an exciting discovery, joyfully crashing through numerous musical barriers.

The 1st EP has been supported around the world through airplays on KCRW, BBC2/3/6/, France Inter, FIP, Couleur 3 , Flux FM and many more.

A word of warning though – the siren-like voice of Krystle Warren may have you addicted to Joon Moon before you know it! “Call Me,” and Radiohead Cover “I Might Be Wrong” are the new tastes of a debut album undoubtedly full of surprises. Chamberlain remix – one of the newcomers of the French festival Les Transmusicales in last Dec – makes “Call Me” as dreamy pop song.

joon moon - call me
Joon Moon
 ‘Call Me’ EP
[Kwaidan Records/ !K7] Street Date: April 1, 2016

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Track Listing:
1. Call Me (Album Version)
2. Call Me (Radio Edit)
3. I Might Be Wrong
4. Call Me (Chamberlain Remix)
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