Free Pizza shares “Dancing” the first track and video from their upcoming album via Stereogum

Free Pizza shares “Dancing” the first track and video from their upcoming album via Stereogum
‘Berlin, DE’ out June 17 on BUFU Records

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Building upon their love for rock and roll, Free Pizza has cultivated what is considered an off kilter, post-punk, pop country drive that gets you far past the band name and way into something deep and meaningful.  Today on Stereogum, Free Pizza shares the first track and video for their upcoming album Berlin, DE. 

Free Pizza’s debut LP Boston, MA was released, and sold out shortly after, in the Spring of 2014 on New England’s trademark labels BUFU Records and Feeding Tube Records. Born in South America and raised in Miami, Jesus Vio and Santiago Cardenas have been collaborating together on art and music since high school. However, it wasn’t until the duo moved to Boston to attend art school that Free Pizza was finally formed. Out of the same DIY scene that gave birth to such bands as Quilt, Guerilla Toss, Happy Jawbone Family Band, and more, Free Pizza has a sound that takes influences from their rich surroundings and peers.

Fresh off of a European run and now based in Nashville, Free Pizza have added Rory MacMurdo to their line-up and are gearing up to release a collection of songs written during their recent stay in Berlin. Appropriately titled Berlin, DE, the bands sophomore release trades in the bright melodies and tongue-in-cheek nature of Boston, MA for darker hooks with themes rooted in the concepts of the coming of age, and the process of understanding while still trying to maintain a level of positivity as the years keep piling on.
After countless tours of the U.S. and Europe sharing the stage with such bands as The Beets, Colleen Green, Guerilla Toss, and more, Free Pizza continues to attract people to their sound regardless of where they are rooted. A brand new EP and busy tour schedule lay ahead as the band strives to fine its craft and continue spreading their gospel of rock nationally and internationally.
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Free Pizza
Berlin, DE
BUFU Records
Street Date: June 17, 2016
Track Listing:
1. Dancing
2. Juliet
3. Patience
4. The Fall
5. Fortune and Faith
6. Sighing
7. Slipping
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